Woman Caught Smuggling Cocaine in Her Breast Implants

Charlie Blacks II March 18th 2016 Other
Well this is a first… We’ve all heard stories about people sneaking things into places they should not have. Everybody feels like a badass when they sneak their own Whoppers into a movie theater or take a quick flick in a no photography comedy club. These are some of the most satisfying illegal acts anyone could pull off in a public setting and the adrenaline makes you feel like you’re in a Mission Impossible movie. Nowadays with the heightened amount of airport procedures and security, getting caught with anything you’re not supposed to be flying with is not only extra risky but the punishments are far more cruel than what it was in the past. For instance, how this one young lady got caught smuggling drugs into foreign territory will leave you amazed.
We’ve all seen Maria Full Of Grace right? Ok, so imagine that but instead of swallowing pellets, she goes under the knife to stack those pellets in her boobs… Insane right?! So, here’s the breakdown about what happened at the Frankfurt Airport in Germany, February 24th. The 24 year old Colombian woman was stopped by German customs for a typical security search when the young lady began to complain about severe chest pain. The customs officers then discovered multiple fresh incision scars below the woman’s breast. Unable to bear the pain anymore, the woman admitted to smuggling drugs into the country via fake breast implants that doctors discovered were actually two 500-gram lumps of pure Colombian cocaine.
Not only did this young tender undergo an extremely dangerous amateur operation, she was hoping that she was going to be able to make it all the way to Spain with coke tits with no health scares at all. The two ‘implants’ were worth approximately $220,000 but unfortunately, now this young woman who claims to have three children now faces drug trafficking charges and jail time far away from home. The German customs agents stated that this is the first time that they have caught anyone smuggling drugs into the country in this fashion, and personally we’ve never heard anything like this as well either. It’s sad that people are driven to do things like this just to earn some extra cash, but that should be a sign that Colombia needs to provide the appropriate resources and opportunities so these things don’t happen. If Pablo Escobar was around, he’d be proud of this young lady’s commitment for the cause… not happy that she was caught, but proud nonetheless.


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