Watch: Helicopter Filled With Tourists Crashes At Pearl Harbor

Charlie Blacks II February 25th 2016 Other
We’ve seen this scene in plenty of movies… from Rambo to Black Hawk Down to the more recent San Andreas. It always seems so cool and heart racing, but when it comes to real life and scenes like those are caught on camera, it doesn’t achieve the same rush of adrenaline. Real life helicopter and plane crashes create a sense of panic and uneasiness that aren’t seen as entertaining but as horrific. What happened this last Thursday, February 18th, can’t be compared to a scene in some action flick at all… Take a look at the helicopter crash that was seen by hundreds of people in Hawaii at the Pearl Harbor visitor’s center.
The footage was captured by a bystander named Shawn Winrich, who noticed the helicopter dropping in altitude close to about a hundred people in the vicinity of Remembrance Circle at Pearl Harbor. As you can see in the video, the helicopter drops quickly to sea level before stalling and falling right near the water’s edge and almost instantaneously flipping upside down in the water. What the video doesn’t show is the crowd of people who rushed to the aid of the people in the helicopter. There were a total of five passengers on the tourist helicopter and at the time of the crash four of the passengers quickly surfaced to the top of the water. Unfortunately, a 16 year old passenger had to be cut out his seatbelt as he was submerged in about 10 feet of water. All of the passengers who surfaced quickly were treated for minor injuries but the 16 year old passenger was rushed to Pali Momi Medical Center in critical condition and even more unfortunate the teenager passed away this past Monday, February 22nd.
What seemed like a crash that could have had no fatalities took a life of a kid on vacation. These are the stories that make you realize that life is short and appreciate it while you got it, because you never when your time is up. Also, this particular scene restored our faith in humanity knowing that people were not willing to just stand by and watch with their cameras out but to help those in danger. There’s not too much we can say about this one… but we pray for the family of the victim who lost his life in the crash. Appreciate the little time we have on earth people...


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