Things Get Ugly When Man Accuses Mayor Of Sleeping With His Wife In Town Hall Meeting

Charlie Blacks II February 25th 2016 Humor
It looks like we have a real life version of that show Scandal on our hands, but instead of a woman secretly sleeping with the president we have a local New York mayor being accused of preying on the local people’s wives. Yikes…talk about controversy eh. There’s something about people in power, for the most part, most of them are charismatic, well-spoken, and charming - the perfect combination that could potentially attract any woman you could ask for. Think about it… Bill Clinton may not have the best speaking voice but there’s something extra smooth about the guy, and we’re not talking about him wearing sunglasses and serenading a crowd of young people at the MTV studios with his saxophone skills either. We definitely don’t support infidelity but with a job as tough as the president’s, anyone would need some Lewinsky from time to time. Personally just from the looks of things, it doesn’t seem like Hillary is too big of a fan of giving anyone the ‘Lewinsky’ treatment. Anyways, check out what happened during this village meeting in Spring Valley, New York when mayor Demeza Delhomme was accused of speeling with a local resident’s wife.
The Haitian-American community of Rockland County, Spring Valley, New York held a town hall meeting this past Tuesday, February 23rd, but instead of talking about things like facility improvements, community growth, or the town’s firefighting equipment like they originally intended to do, things turned into a full fledged episode of Maury as Spring Valley local, Reginald Alfred, approached the stand. As you can see in the video, Alfred at the stand calmly claiming that mayor Delhomme is responsible for ruining his marriage and that he fears for the safety of his now-torn family. Instantly, those in attendance start clammering amongst each other in shock and disgust. Things got extra tense when trustee, Vilair Fonvil yelled, “You’re screwing his wife and you said you don’t know him?” The room was then torn between the Alfred’s allegations or the mayor’s statement denying the whole thing. One man even yelled out, “You are an elected official, you’re the mayor, you’re supposed to be a counselor, to take care of families, not destroy families… That’s what I have to say. Shame on you.” That’s when mayor Delhomme turned the tables and claimed that his trustees, Fonvil and Asher Grossman, put Alfred up to sabotaging the meeting and claimed that they were jealous he was elected mayor. Luckily, deputy mayor, Emilia White, was there to defuse the situation and get things back on track. Can you say… awkward.
This is probably the most uncomfortable town hall meeting we’ve seen since our article about the Maine governor blaming the state’s drug problems on people named ‘D-Money.’ Back to the matter at hand, this isn’t the first time mayor Delhomme has been accused of foul play. He’s had multiple corruption allegations aimed in his direction, including asking public workers to install a generator at his girlfriend’s home during the blizzard this past January. He also has been caught making anti-semitic comments, he illegally bought a new car, opened a school without any building inspections, and declared himself the “king of the village.” Oh yeah, and back in 2014 he was sent to jail after being held in contempt of court for refusing to open the city’s civic center for a youth summer camp… This guy seems really reckless. Do we think that Alfred’s allegations are far-fetched after listing all of his past corruptions? Definitely not. Mayor Delhomme seems a little creepy, we wouldn’t let him nowhere near our significant others. Spring Valley, New York… we’re sure you have better potential candidates to lead your village in a better direction than this guy, get out there and vote.


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