The Real Reasons You Got Those Bad Grades - Procrastinators Unite!

Abigail Locke March 11th 2015 Humor
We ALL know that a dog did not eat your homework, and you most certainly weren't THAT busy. Studying? Come on, who actually does that when there's websites like jellyshare?

1. Snapchatting...While Making This Exact Face

That is a beautiful expression, and you know you've done this at least once if you have snapchat. You cannot deny it.

2. Texting...Everyone's Doing It

Even this elderly gentleman is those handling goshdarned newfangled gadgets! Even if you're working on homework, your calls you, with its peppy ringtone...

3. Scrolling, Scrolling, and Scrolling Some More!

Whether on Tumblr, Facebook, or some other website, you've probably spent many hours wasting away when you should've been defining mitochondria as the power house of the cell.

4. Reading--You Nerd.

Many of us just HAVE to have a book somewhere to read at all times--a wonderful fantasy or Sci-Fi that's WAY more interesting than Abraham Lincoln. (Sorry, Abe!)

5. Plotting To Take Over the World

Admit it--a few theories have come to mind. Whether they would work, remains to be seen...

6. Something Ridiculous With A Pet

A dog washing your hair, or even giving you a nice trim, was only the beginning. Next thing you knew, they were walking YOU. Anything to get away from Calc or Trig.

7. Bubble Wrap--1000 Ways To Look Like An Idiot

And with all that time to waste, you couldn't resist completing all 1000! And popping every. single. bubble.

8. Interesting Arts and Crafts

Hey! This was a GOOD way to spend your time! Your art teacher should be PROUD, even if you did something like this instead of finishing up that art assignment. Oh, well.

9. Completing the Most Intricate Art Piece Never Before Seen

That doodle...looks really good...Maybe I should keep working on it instead of finding verbs and nouns on the English worksheet...Yup, doing that.

10. Robbing the Bank

Hey, what the heck? Might as well! Sounds like fun, and if we get caught we can finish up Biology homework behind bars! No biggie!


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