Girl Scout Makes a Fortune Selling Cookies Outside of Portland Weed Shop

Charlie Blacks II February 23rd 2016 Other
One of the first rules you learn when starting a business or becoming an entrepreneur is having a product to sell and location, location, location. Of course we know all the real hustlers can sell water to a whale or salt to a snail, but for those of us that aren’t that business-minded, we could use a little guidance in aiding the selling process and sometimes all that it takes is being in the right place at the right time. And with states slowly but surely becoming more open to the idea of the legalization of marijuana, the smart business people are starting to become more accommodating to the needs of our marijuana users. It doesn’t take too much to make someone who is blitzed off of cheeba happy, a cheesy movie, good conversation, and quality munchies are all a stoner really needs while medicating and one smart little girl representing the Girl Scouts of America had the brilliant idea of taking her business to the next level… Take a look below on how she’s raking in the big bucks with the help of weed smokers.
Like we said before, business is all about location, location, location. This particular Girl Scout has also made a very calculated decision to stay anonymous even though her business acumen is being blown up by the media… this little girl may be the next Oprah for all we know. Anyways, the anon trooper decided to set up shop outside of Foster Buds Marijuana Dispensary in Portland, Oregon this past Saturday, February 20th, under the supervision of her aunt in hopes of raising money for a summer trip to horse camp. Within minutes the little girl had several customers approach her table in hopes of getting their hands on some of those mouth-watering thin mints and flaky, delicious samoas. The girl’s aunt spoke to the media saying that her neice was hoping to sell 35 boxes during their time there and easily passed their goal. What makes this story twice as great is that the dispensary owners helped the girl out by offering an eighth of freshly trimmed ‘Farmer 12s Girl Scout Cookies’ weed for anyone who bought cookies from the girl, the promotion ran on Facebook and the young scout got her necessary sales and more.
As for the Girl Scouts of Oregon, they heard about the story but weren't too pleased about the troopers actions. The group released this statement not too long after the story caught the attention of people all over the state, “If a minor cannot enter a premises unaccompanied, she should not sell Girl Scout Cookies in front of the premises.” There’s one thing they left out though, she was never necessarily on the premises but OUTSIDE of the premises and fortunately for the little girl, there are no rules stopping her from selling her product outside of a marijuana dispensary. We don’t understand why the Girl Scouts of America are so butt hurt by these little girls taking advantage of their circumstances. Also, this isn’t the first time this has ever happened, last year similar events took place in Colorado. As a matter of fact these children should be awarded and praised for their business acumen. Girl Scout cookies and a few rips of America’s finest grass… sounds like a win, win if you ask us.


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