Scientists Sue New York State Police For Encouraging Doctored DNA Test Results

Charlie Blacks II February 23rd 2016 Other
Even though we live in a country that was stripped of the native people of the land, built on the backs of others, and defiant to the other powerful nations of the world, we somehow believe that all will be fair within the walls of our nation. For some reason a lot of us hung up on the word ‘justice’ and some of us blindly have faith in a system that is inaccurate and flawed. For years we’ve seen ‘justice’ shape shift in order to protect certain powers, certain people, and certain privileges just so that a particular agenda can continue to thrive. Throughout history we’ve seen documents destroyed, stories re-written, and visuals change which have vastly changed the beliefs of our current generations. Nowadays, we have the media that plays on people’s emotions and beliefs, even worse is that we have authority figures altering the truth for their benefit and the New York state police are being accused of just that. Not with documents and reports this time though… but with the most concrete evidence we have in modern technology, we’re talking about DNA alterations.
Three scientists, Shannon Morris, Melissa Lee, and Kevin Rafferty are taking the New York state police to federal court for unspecified damages. Last week, the scientists filed a complaint last week stating that the police retaliated against them after they had objected the lab’s current DNA test and called for the adoption of a more modern and accurate procedure. Supposedly in the New York state police crime lab, where Morris, Lee, and Rafferty are employees, they have been using outdated DNA evidence tests in order to get more convictions. Disgusting… According to the scientists, the agency has refused to acknowledge any flaws in their dated system and urged the scientists to keep their mouths shut. Instead of adopting the TrueAllele System, which would guarantee better accuracy, the police have been continuing to use the Combined Probability of Inclusion Test which can be inaccurate when it comes to analyzing the genes of relatives, as it includes an element of subjectivity. Out of a total of 37 staff members, Morris, Lee, and Rafferty were the only ones to speak out on this matter allegedly after the police accused them of ethical violations in order to silence them. Not long after these allegations arose, an ‘internal investigation’ was launched and we all know how those turn out… These scientists have been working with the police for 20 years, apparently Lee and Rafferty are still working in the lab but have been reassigned to different positions and had to face disciplinary proceedings, while Morris was fired recently. Truly, disgusting.
Apparently a state police spokeswoman spoke on the surfacing of these accusations and claims that the new system was being used but was cancelled a year before the scientists’ five-year contract was due to end. What the hell does that have to do with using a flawed and outdated system?! Anyways, we have to stop letting these police ‘investigate’ themselves. Think about it, if we were all able to investigate ourselves, would we ever really face the consequences we deserve? Or would we severely punish ourselves? We highly doubt that… How sick do you have to be to condemn somebody to such a horrible place, prison in this case, based on potentially false information? Wouldn’t you think the New York judicial system would want fair and accurate evidence as well as a fair trial on their hands opposed to running a ‘pro-prosecution’ crime lab? What is wrong with these people? Ultimately they’re playing with people’s lives. We understand the prison industrial complex is a booming business, but when are we going to really start honoring justice and respect humanity like we’re really supposed to. Things needs to change… and soon.


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