Man Steals City Bus Because He Was Late For Work

Charlie Blacks II February 22nd 2016 Other
Anybody that has experienced taking public transit to work, knows how stressful and nerve racking it can be. Gritting your teeth, waiting for the slow lady with 12 bags to pay for her bus fare, the kid who pulls the cord at every other stop as some sick joke… it’s just not fun. Then we have others who are fortunate to have their own transportation only to sit in morning traffic inching your way to the workplace. We’ve all been in some rather frustrating commuter situations before. Unfortunately, a recent incident in Minnesota left a bus driver confused as she left her bus while on break only to find out it was missing just a couple of minutes later.
St. Paul, Minnesota resident and Metro Transit mechanic, Gregory J. Jennrich, 31, was booked on felony charges for motor vehicle theft this past Friday, February 19th after he decided to play a real life game of Grand Theft Auto. Jennrich was on his way to work Friday night when he decided to stop at a local gas station in his own car on Robert Street and Marie Avenue in West St. Paul right before 10pm. With some bad luck and some horrible timing Jennrich locked his keys in his car and was in fear that he was going to be late to work. After looking around for awhile, he spotted Route 75 bus parked at a gas station, running, with no passengers or bus driver in sight. So what does he do next you might ask? Pull off the lot in the bus like a real boss! The bus driver returned noticing a huge tool to her job was missing, the bus, and instantly contacted her employers and the authorities. Using remote bus tracking technology authorities were able to track the bus headed west on the Interstate 494 toward a Metro Transit garage in Bloomington, where Jennrich works. Only, a couple of minutes after the crime took place, police were able to pull the bus over and Jennrich surrendered without a fight.
Jennrich was booked in Hennepin County Friday, and has a court day on Monday, February 22nd. He’s been a Metro Transit since April 2015, and what’s a little strange is that he had no disciplinary actions on his record prior to the incident. Unfortunately, the company is now reviewing the incident and will determine his future with the company in the next couple of weeks. We hate to say it but it looks like Greg Jennrich is going to lose his job… Then again, Jennrich can argue that he was headed to the bus garage for ‘mandatory repairs.’ Also, we’re wondering what ever happened to his car and how he couldn’t ask gas station attendants for assistance. We have a feeling his supervisors probably wouldn’t have done anything too bad to the guy if he was a couple minutes late, after all he had a valid reason for being tardy. Now instead of having a mark on his professional record, he’s now going to have a mark on his permanent record. You’re better than this Jennrich, good luck in court.


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