24 Year Old Father Dies Trying To Save His 3 Year Old From A House Fire

Charlie Blacks II February 22nd 2016 Other
Headlines like these can break anybody’s heart but we feel like we need stories like these to truly identify how short life can be and how much people are willing to do for those they love. We’ve seen the same scenario in plenty of action films where a hero enters a burning building in order to save an old lady’s cat or a small child trapped in a blaze, but we tend to take for granted the risk and how truly dangerous an act like that is. Unfortunately, we lost a hero in the young 24 year old, Demetrius Johnson, this past Friday morning in Buffalo, New York as he did everything in his power to save his entire family.
Demetrius Johnson woke his entire family up on February 19th after he had smelled smoke in his Buffalo apartment. Johnson was able to lead his fiancee, Tempest Thomas, and two of his children, Treasure Brighorn, 8, and 15 month old, Demaris Johnson, out of the house, but forgot one more child, 3 year old Demetrius Johnson Jr. in the blaze. Demetrius Sr. was able to brake a window to the first floor apartment in order to let some smoke out before heading back into the flames. While in the apartment, Demetrius was able to find his son and place him in a living room closet, before collapsing from smoke inhalation. Fortunately, firefighters were able to save Demetrius Jr. but Sr. lost his life, saving his son. Johnson’s daughter suffered severe burns all over body and is in critical condition at the Shriner's Hospital for Children in Cincinnati, Ohio. Both Demarius and Demetrius Jr. are in stable condition. Demetrius Sr. was not the only person to lose his life in the blaze, an unidentified man also lost his life in the fire upstairs from the Johnson residence as well.
What’s even more heartbreaking about this story is that the Johnson family had just moved into the apartment complex a week before the incident. Demetrius’ wife to be, Tempest, claims that the fire detectors had not gone off in the building despite the large amount of smoke in their home. Tempest had also claimed that the apartment had some kind of electrical problem and had contacted management earlier the same day requesting repairs be made so the family could live comfortably. It is believed that the fire started around 4am in the kitchen, but investigators are still searching for the original cause. Tempest had also told Demetrius Sr. not to re-enter the apartment but claimed that he was not going to let his son die. We would like to offer the Thomas-Johnson family our deepest condolences, Demetrius Johnson is a real life hero. And even at the tender age of 24, he did exactly what any real man would do and protected his family by any means. Rest well, Demetrius Johnson Sr.


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