Jealous Husband Arrested After Trying to Shoot Wife Breastfeeding Their Newborn

Charlie Blacks II February 22nd 2016 Other
It’s a beautiful thing when a couple brings a child into the world with the intent of forming a strong family infrastructure. The only flaw of childbearing is that anyone can do it. Some of us aren’t made to be parents. Some us lack patience, focus, and plain old common sense: the perfect combination of a bad parent in the making. We understand that contraception can take away from one of the greatest sensations in the universe… but that doesn’t mean you have to go without the proper protection if you’re not ready to become a full-time parent for the rest of your life. People like Nicholas George Lehmeier, of Cold Springs, Minnesota, prove just that… He’s a true example of a human being that probably shouldn’t be allowed to breed.
Nicholas George Lehmeier, 28, was recently charged with second degree assault with a dangerous weapon for an incident that took place last July after his wife filed a complaint this month. Apparently, the Minnesota couple were recently reunited with their children after Lehmeier was convicted of assaulting the couple’s 7 year old. On the very first night, the couple had their children back, Nicholas was infuriated when he noticed his wife was spending more time with their 4 month old infant. He entered the room where mother and baby were in the midst of breastfeeding with a 12-gauge shotgun, cocked it, and pulled the trigger but the gun didn’t go off. She ran out of the room with the child in hopes of finding his handgun in order for her to defend herself and her family. Lehmeier fired another shot but this time the gun went off and the round went out of a downstairs window. The unnamed woman reported that Nicholas screamed, ‘one bullet is all I need to end this!’ Unfortunately, she didn’t report the incident until February 8th, because she claims that her husband had threatened to kill her as well as their children… Sick.
Lehmeier now faces up to seven years behind bars if convicted. We personally don’t think that’s enough time for someone who is as sick as this bastard. Seriously, who gets jealous of a 4 month old infant? One that he helped bring into the world at that. Some people find it difficult to understand why this selfish prick’s wife waited so long to get help, but we understand she was just trying to protect her family. For all of those of you that have been in abusive relationships, there’s a light at the end of the tunnel just don’t wait too long to get help. As for Nicholas Lehmeier, get used to taking showers in prison, we hope you get the attention you wanted, a**.


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