French Grocery Stores Must Now Donate Unsold Food to Charity

Charlie Blacks II February 20th 2016 Other
This is a huge step in the right direction for humanity, but why is it happening now? World hunger has been problematic since the beginning of recorded human history. With an uneven distribution of wealth throughout many historical civilizations, we’ve seen upper class citizens with bountiful amounts of resources prosper while others struggled to maintain a healthy, balanced, and normal life. Now days we have multiple ways to help people with their food needs, from company pantry cabinets, to charities, to local food drives. But with the mass amounts of food produced in America alone, what do you do with all of this excess product? We throw it away instead of giving to the hungry citizens in our already wasteful country… Luckily, now we have France leading the way into a new system that we believe will catch on as a future trend. Check out what France’s local grocery stores are doing to stop hunger around the European country below.
A new law was passed in the country requiring large grocery stores to donate any and all edible food products to local charities. Now, any supermarket over 4,304 square feet in size must hold contracts with charities, food banks, and nonprofit organizations across the country. The law change originally was passed this past December but went into effect last Wednesday. Previously French supermarkets were allowed to throw away food before it’s ‘best before’ and ‘sell by’ dates, but not anymore. Anyways, as for these charities that are receiving this food, they are required to properly collect, stock, and redistribute the provided food. The European Commission stated that one-third of all the food produced worldwide goes to waste, and with this new law in place, France may be onto something big here.
We believe we should keep a close eye on this new program and in the near future implement something like this here in the United States. It’s crazy that our very own country has enough food to nourish the world but chooses to waste it instead because of traditional business practices… We’re better than that! With all of the technological advancements available to us today, there’s no way that anybody should be hungry here or anywhere on earth. We salute France for being bold enough and smart enough to start something that could eventually change the world for the better. It’s about time…


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