Woman Beats Her Husband After Going Giftless On Valentine’s Day

Charlie Blacks II February 19th 2016 Other
We knew this was bound to happen somewhere across the country. Valentine’s Day has to be the most stressful holiday for husbands, boyfriends, and guys hopeful to land their potential life partners. What’s not fair is that there’s no holiday equivalent to Valentine’s Day for guys, and all we really want is a day full of sexual favors and to be able to watch the game in peace… Is that too much to ask for just one day out of the year? Anyways, one Ohio woman refused to go without a gift this Valentine’s Day… and things turned violent.
This past Valentine’s Day things didn’t go exactly as planned in the Hammond household. 46 year old John Hammond approached his wife, Kimberly Hammond, also 46, the morning of the lover’s holiday in hopes that it would be a normal day in the neighborhood but boy was he wrong… As John was just within a couple feet within his wife he was met with a Street Fighter Ryu kick to the ribs. Bent over in pain, he was rendered unconscious after a blow to the head with a small bat. As he was beaten to a pulp, their daughter had contacted police and told the authorities what was going on. The police arrived to the house and to find John injured, who refused to go to the hospital according to the police report. Things took a weird turn when Kimberly had admitted to watching a Walking Dead marathon the night before and drinking eight beers the morning of Valentine’s Day and feeling unwanted after not receiving a gift from her husband. Kimberly was hauled off to the Washington County Police Department for felonious assault and domestic violence. While in the clink her blood alcohol level was an insane .221. In more ways than one… this explains everything.
Think about it… the combination of beer, The Walking Dead, AND not receiving anything for Valentine’s Day sounds like the perfect storm for any woman to continuously swing a bat at their partner’s lifeless body like they’re Barry Bonds. We feel sorry for John and hope that he is recovering from his injuries, but all he had to do is make one quick pit stop at See’s Candy, or hit a local flower shop and pick up the first set of flowers he lays on… This could have all been avoided, but don’t think we’re condoning this Ohio woman’s actions though either. Why is she slamming 8 beers down like that in the morning anyway? Maybe it’s stories like these that make us appreciate our partner’s even more... Maybe… Valentine’s Day really does work. Anyways, fellas make your ladies feel appreciated, be the leader and provider that you need to be, and ladies support your husbands and boyfriends in any way you can. Relationships take commitment, hard work, and understanding in order to maintain that fire that keeps things going. We’re all capable of finding the right one, let’s just not be like John and Kimberly Hammond.


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