10000 People To Be Evicted From Their Homes For Massive Alien Hunting Telescope

Charlie Blacks II February 18th 2016 Other
People being removed from their homes for special projects and facilities is definitely nothing new. Here in America we see it all the time. New York is currently being gentrified in order to make property appear more pleasing to buyers with large amounts of money. Brooklyn now looks like a scene out of Portlandia. Oakland, California is now going through the same thing in order to get property buyers interested in the Bay Area city, moving residents that have been there for decades by pricing them out with outrages spikes in mortgage and rent. Every time a new stadium goes up, many city residents are forced to find a new home without having a choice. It’s definitely not fair and it’s unfortunate that people have to lose their homes that they’ve made and shared many memories in, but what’s going on in southwestern province of Guizhou, China will make you grit your teeth… Take a look for yourself, but hold on to that rage.
Unfortunately, 9,100 residents in the area of Guizhou will be forced to leave their homes by September in order to complete the construction of a 500m-wide Aperture Spherical Radio Telescope (FAST), an extremely sensitive radio telescope that will supposedly ‘revolutionise’ the search for extraterrestrials. The telescope, once completed, will become the largest alien-hunting device on the planet, taking the crown of the 300m-wide Arecibo Observatory in Puerto Rico, and three more sensitive than the Arecibo Observatory as well. Anyone within a five kilometer radius of the facility will be leaving their homes in order to ‘create a sound electromagnetic wave environment’ as stated by local government official, Li Yuechen. The entire cost of the project ballooned from 700 million yuan, $107,340,569 million, to 1.2 billion yuan, $184,012,404 million American. All of the residents will be compensated by being paid 12,000 yuan which translates to about 1,840.50… Most of the residents in the area are supposedly poor and isolated because of the lack of towns and city life in the area.
Oook… this is just plain ridiculous. Moving real people out of their homes, in order to find other unknown beings that might not even exist… Insane. We suggest that China and the rest of the world for that matter, should probably be focusing on the issues we have to resolve here on earth. How about all of the hungry people in that country? Or the extreme amount of air and sea pollution around China that is causing people to become ill? We continuously fight each other because of our differences and politics but yet the people of Guizhou think it’s a good idea to displace thousands of people in order to hunt aliens, who probably wouldn’t like us anyway… This is the type of logic we just don’t understand. Plus, who cares about aliens when we don’t even know what’s at the bottom of the ocean? We should probably come together as one human race before we go poking around in other galaxies…


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