New York Man Loses His Wallet and Gets Some of it Back in the Mail With a Funny Note

Charlie Blacks II February 18th 2016 Other
Random acts of kindness are the things that keep us certain that there is still a sense of humanity amongst us within this crazy world. It’s kind of hard to continuously move forward with a sense of positivity when we have to deal with people not having access to clean water, constant war, random acts of terror, and the carelessness of those in power. Then sometimes we have some bright moments where we find people willing to put themselves second in order to aide someone else in need, restoring our faith in the world. From the youth helping the elderly across the street to people paying for other’s goods when they end up a little short, it’s acts like these represent a sense of community and willingness to do good without expecting anything in return. So, what happened to this New York City resident after he lost his wallet was heartwarming… sorta. Check it out for yourself below.
28 year old, Reilly Flaherty, was at the Kings Theatre in Brooklyn for a Wilco concert on February 5th when he noticed he was missing the most important piece of property we all carry on a daily basis, his wallet. Flaherty was ready to start recollecting his lost items from various credit card companies and banks, when about a week later he received an unmarked letter in the mail containing his possessions… well some of his possessions at least. The sloppily written letter stated the following, “I kept the cash because I needed weed, the metrocard because well the fare’s $2.75 now, and the wallet cause it’s kinda cool. Enjoy the rest of your day. Toodles. -Anonymous.” Whoever this person is should be presented with a Nobel Peace Prize, we do have reasoning as to why though. How many times have you lost something as precious as a wallet or a phone only to never see it again? You know why… because whoever came across it was an a** and took advantage of your unfortunate circumstances. As for this anonymous guy or gal they may have took something that was not theirs but at least they were honest enough to give some reasoning as to why they did what they decided to do. Seriously, who wouldn’t need some high quality cheeba while living in New York? That place seems to breed miserably rude people, the city could use one less jerky New Yorker and if snagging a few dollars for some marijuana while helping someone else out is wrong, we don’t want to be right. Plus, it’s kind of hard to buy a dope wallet these days with everything going up in price these days. Also, $2.75 for a train fare is a little steep, so we understand the logic of this thoughtful thief… Can you find it in your heart to understand as well?
Let’s face the fact that Reilly did actually get the majority of his valuables back... and yet he did have a sense of humor about the whole thing. We’re sure he was pretty relieved to find his credit cards and license in the mail though, can you imagine sitting in a New York DMV just to get your proper credentials back? Sounds horrid just thinking about it. Reilly, also believes that he and the culprit could have been friends, but who needs friends when you have a fresh dime sack of hasheesh bought on someone else’s behalf? Anyways, we consider this story to be a win-win for both the anonymous sorta, kinda, good samaritan and Reilly Flaherty. Oh, and Reilly invest in one of those wallet chains if you don’t want this to happen again… you’re indie music friends will understand how chic you are, but the rest of us will probably think you’re a douche.


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