Texas Man Arrested by 7 U.S. Marshals For Not Paying $1,500 Student Loan From 1987

Charlie Blacks II February 17th 2016 Other
At one time, college was a treasured experience and everyone used to dream of getting into their favorite colleges across the country. Nowadays things are a little different, with the average college education being inflated to prices no normal family household can afford, people are looking for alternative ways in order to follow their desired career paths. From interning at a young age to developing networking skills while in grade school, students across the states have found different ways to avoid the costly debt that universities and college institutions are now known for. We do have a few questions as to what happened to our education system for it to be extremely unaffordable for anyone to afford without racking up a crazy amount of student loan debt. Also, it’s a little insane that student loans are one of the only pieces of debt that can’t be erased with bankruptcy. Anyways, a Houston, Texas native got a surprise as U.S. Marshals moved in on his property not as a suspected terror threat, or a drug bust, but for not paying his nearly three decade old student loans debt off.
This all started when Paul Aker, now a freelance sound engineer, was just a student at Prairie View A&M and needed some help with some school expenses. He originally took out a loan for the small amount of $1,500, but it later ballooned to a total of $5,700 after interest and late fees were attached to the debt. Aker admitted that he had received a notice from U.S. Marshals about his debt but brushed it under the rug thinking that the federal government possibly wouldn’t get involved with something as miniscule as student loan debt. But yet to his own surprise Aker was met by several U.S. Marshals in full combat gear at his home and they came to collect! After not knowing what he was being jailed for he was brought before a judge because of the student loan that took place 30 years ago… Ridiculous.

Chief deputy U.S. Marshal, Richard Hunter, claims that some details were left out of the headlining story. Hunter claims that the Marshals had summoned Akers to court in which he had refused to appear. We think, he probably just blew off the seriousness of the situation, but then again if summoned to court who doesn’t just go to see what they’re talking about? Especially if you haven’t done anything wrong in your own eyes. Which leads us to ask, why wouldn’t the local authorities just knock on Akers door and provide him with the one way ride to the courthouse? Also, Hunter claims that the Marshals casually approached Akers home with an arrest warrant but Akers yelled ‘I have a gun!’ from inside of his home causing them to call for backup. Oook… this might be the craziest part of Hunter’s statement. First of all what African American man in America is crazy enough to yell in the direction of the authorities that they have a gun? Second of all, we have a feeling this story would be a lot different if this was actually true, especially with all the police-related deaths as of the past couple of years.
If this is the direction America is headed in, we better pay off Capital One as soon as possible. Also, now that we know that the federal government is collecting personal debt for private sector companies, this might be our cue to start looking for other parts of the world with livable conditions. As for all of you that owe Sallie Mae a couple of dollars, please pay them as soon as possible so you don’t end up like Paul Akers.


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