Every Awesome Dunk From The 2016 NBA’s All Star Game Dunk Contest

Charlie Blacks II February 15th 2016 Sports
The NBA dunk contest during All-Star Weekend has become a fading trend throughout the league and for fans alike, but this year we’ve witnessed a re-emergence of what was once a dying tradition. For those of you unfamiliar with the NBA’s All-Star Weekend it’s basically a showcase of the league’s best athletes showing off their skills. This year’s event took place in Toronto at the Air Canada Centre and started this past Friday with a celebrity basketball game coached by comedian Kevin Hart and rising rapper Drake. Saturday, the skills challenge took place, the three point contest, and the dunk contest. Sunday is the big day for the league’s best who were voted in by fans and coaches where the best of the western conference face off against the eastern conference. Even though the weekend’s event was centered around retiring NBA great, Kobe Bryant, young guns Zach Lavine and Aaron Gordon truly stole the show with their acrobatic throwdowns. Check out every dunk below.
Ok, so the event was actually a little longer than usual due to the judges not being able to determine who had the better dunks, Zach Lavine or Aaron Gordon. Zach at the time was the defending dunk contest champion and it showed for obvious reasons, the kid can fly and that free throw line dunk was amazing but personally we think the new kid on the block, rookie Aaron Gordon should have took home the trophy. Seriously, Gordon grabbed the ball from a spinning mascot on a hoverboard, floated through the air completing a 360, and slammed it rather hard. If that wasn’t enough, Gordon literally jumped over the same mascot, sat in the air, and completed another slam. We think the only reason the new guy lost was because both slam dunk participants ran out of ideas. If anything we hope that Aaron is invited back to the contest so we can get a rematch of this year’s epic event.
The funny thing about this entire All-Star weekend is that a lot of people around the league were speculating that the dunk contest be moved to a different time slot because the three point contest was getting so much attention. We have a feeling everyone’s opinions are different now as the dunk contest has officially been revived. Honestly, we haven’t seen anything like this since Vince Carter stole the show in 2000. It took over a decade, but the league has officially found some talented and creative dunkers to wow the crowd once again. NBA commissioner, Adam Silver, bring Aaron Gordon back next year to face off against Zach Lavine if you want another amazing show to wow the fans!


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