High School Kid Buys 834 Flowers For Every Girl In His School

Charlie Blacks II February 15th 2016 Lifestyle
The commercially driven holiday, Valentine’s Day, was this past weekend and guys everywhere were scrambling to find the perfect gift for their significant other… We hope everyone did well with their choice of gifts, and got lucky. You can never go wrong with flowers, sweet stuff, or make up. Personally, we think people should be able to prove their love and loyalty for their life partners more than just one particular day in February with random acts of kindness and romantic gestures, but who are we, eh? And for the single people out there that took the time to stumble into the streets, get drunk, and made some questionable decisions with a random person you plan on never seeing again, congratulations and get tested. For all the ladies who didn’t get any flowers or chocolates this year… we feel for you. But if you were a female student at Sky View High School in Smithfield, Utah, you definitely didn’t leave campus empty handed for the lovers holiday this year.
17 year old, Hayden Godfrey, saved his earnings for over a year and a half to pull off one of the sweetest and kindest gestures we’ve witnessed in recent years surrounding the lover’s holiday. It cost the high school senior around $450 in order to buy 900 carnations from an online wholesaler. Godfrey worked at McDonald's, was a dishwasher at a Mexican restaurant, and even bagged groceries at a local store. This isn’t the first time Hayden has done something like this though, ever since he was 14, he would send flowers to his friends anonymously, but wanted to do something on a much larger scale and came up with the idea. Hayden ordered the flowers three weeks in advance and asked about 20 of his friends to help prepare the flowers for the big day. With the help of the school administration, he was able to get an official head count of all the girls in school and was even given the go ahead to interrupt classes and surprise his classmates with a total of 834 flowers. We got to admit his commitment to do something nice for the ladies will get him far in life. High school is a weird time for kids and Valentine’s Day can possibly leave some girls feeling unwanted or insecure, and Hayden did something progressive to remove any awkwardness on campus.
According to Godfrey he plans on graduating in spring and going to college somewhere in Utah. Let’s hope that he doesn’t try this again on his future college campus, he may be thoughtful but he’s definitely going to end up living behind a 7-11 if he keeps this up. Plus, it doesn’t take a lot to impress a college girl, just be able to handle a beer bong like a champ and have a few connections around campus and he should be good. Regardless, we salute the young man for being so generous and making all the ladies at his high school smile during what could be a rough day on campus. Hayden keep up the thoughtfulness and the world is yours.


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