74 Year Old Florida Grandmother In Wheelchair Busted As Part Of Heroin Ring

Charlie Blacks II February 11th 2016 Other
We’re going to let you guys in on a little secret that has been used for years. Have you ever noticed that a lot of criminal crews have that one person that is stuck in a wheelchair? Well, that person has an important job… Usually, when criminal rings need someone to bring a gun, drugs, or any type of illegal paraphernalia into a particular venue they use their wheelchair buddies as mules because they can’t be checked too thoroughly and because metal detectors do not apply to them because of their necessary equipment. Sneaky, right? We suggest you never take for granted the power of the person in a wheelchair if you have a feeling some foul play is involved in certain situations and this 74 year old Florida woman is the perfect example. Meet, Ruth Perez-Lopez, a significant player in an Orange County heroin ring who was recently busted by the DEA.
Despite her sweet and elderly appearance, Perez-Lopez was working diligently out of a house in Bowmaster Court that was recently raided by the DEA. Agents seized a large amount of cash, drugs, and guns from the residence as they named the bust, ‘Operation Deals on Wheels.’ A total of ten people were arrested at the scene including the elderly Perez-Lopez. According to authorities the operation was raking in close to $250,000-$300,000 a month from heroin being supplied from Colombia. The group was also selling cocaine, marijuana, and prescription pills but with heroin making a huge comeback as of late, that was the criminal group’s main source of income. Two of the suspects caught had prior murder charges and convictions, others for prior narcotics charges. Special agent, Jeff Walsh, revealed to the public that Perez-Lopez was a huge part of the ring despite her image, here’s what he had to say about the key player during a press conference, “She’s an elderly lady and I’m sure if you met her she would seem very nice and all, but she was in a house with loaded weapons.”
This reminds us of an episode of Narcos, and if you have no idea what we’re talking about, steal your significant other’s Netflix account information, type in Narcos, and enjoy, you won’t regret it. Anyways, this is pretty bizarre but then again when it comes to stories like these, expect the unexpected. It’s usually the people you would never expect to be in the midst of something as devious as a heroin ring. Unfortunately for Ruth Perez-Lopez she may never get to stroll down the street in freedom again in her wheelchair. Stay away from crime kids… actually this goes for you middle-aged folks who think a real life reenactment of Breaking Bad would be a good idea too. Don’t end up like Ruth… Please.


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