Man Lets Deadly Venomous Snakes Bite Him In Order To Discover Vaccines

Charlie Blacks II February 11th 2016 Other
We had a story some time ago about a man who decided to steal a boa constrictor by stuffing it down his pants. The gentlemen is of course a dumba** for his thievery and his execution in doing so, but we may have found a man twice as crazy when it comes to interacting with our legless reptile friends, but this guy’s cause is for the greater good. Every year countless amounts of people are bitten by snakes, some venomous and others not so much. Unfortunately, approximately 100,000 people die from snake bites every year and around 400,000 are left with disabilities after being bitten. With these ridiculous stats we have scientists working around the clock all over the world in order to find vaccinations for all of the world’s most deadliest snakes. This brings us to amateur scientist, Tim Friede, who is taking things a little further than others looking for cures by letting dangerous venomous bite him in order to find permanent cures to those who suffer from deadly bites every day. Don’t believe us? Take a look at the video for yourself.
Friede has been bitten deliberately more than 160 times in order to become immune to snake venom. Recently, Friede was bitten by both a Taipan and a Black Mamba, two of the most deadliest snakes in the world and has survived both bites but not without dealing with the side effects of his strange study methods. Friede explained the pain while speaking with the Independent media outlet saying, “[I experienced] a real throbbing sensation but felt great after the bites… It really hurts and it swells but that's it." Oook… that’s a little much but this isn’t the worst consequences Friede has faced while experimenting with venomous animals. In 2011, he went into a coma and almost died after two consecutive cobra bites, but for some reason he’s fine with that. "Because it was so bad it's really cool to be at this stage now where I can beat these bites," he said.
We understand Tim is using his research for the greater good but health is wealth. How are you supposed to help someone when you aren’t healthy enough to function yourself? Other scientist use horses and sheep for venom studies, which doesn’t make it any more right but at least they are protecting themselves. What makes things even worse is that Tim Friede lost his family during the course of his research. Last year, his now ex-wife, Beth divorced him after 20 years of marriage. Here’s a small excerpt of her speaking on her relationship with Tim, “The snakes were always first", she said. “Me and the kids never came in first, sometimes not even second. “I was always scared of [the snakes] so it was terrifying living with them for nearly 20 years - by the end of it I'd just had enough.” This makes the entire story ten times more disturbing. Tim we understand you’re on a mission but don’t lose yourself in the midst of trying to find cures for a reptile’s natural instinct to defend and feed itself. Please be careful… and like we said, health is wealth.


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