Former Reality TV Star Becomes First Female Head Football Coach In Florida State History

Charlie Blacks II February 10th 2016 Sports
Remember that cheesy fake ‘reality’ TV show, South Beach Tow? It lasted a good amount of seasons but how many times can you make towing away some Florida hicks' pick-up truck entertaining? The show claimed to be reality but the acting on that show was worse than a 1970s crime flick. Besides from the fake tow truck chasing scenes and people dressed as clowns trying to fight tow truck drivers for their clown cars, there were some bright spots. For instance, Lakatriona Brunson, who went by her alter-ego Bernice on the show, gained popularity for her antics on-camera as she played the tough sturdy backbone of the towing company. Bernice took no crap from anyone, she was in countless altercations and always held her own. Nowadays it looks like she’ll be wearing a different kind of hat though, as she officially has been named Miami Jackson High Generals’ varsity football team head coach! Lakatriona is the first woman in Florida state history to named a football head coach… and she has the credentials to do so. We’ll list them off so you can see for yourself.
Ok, so what would make the 38 year old Brunson an excellent choice as a head football coach? She attended Miami Northwestern in the early 1990s where she began her sports career and instantly became a standout basketball star. She also gained popularity in track and field as she led Northwestern to 12 state championships in discus and the shot put. Later she went on to play basketball at Tennessee State. Still, you’re probably wondering how all of this makes her qualified to coach a football team, right? Well during the mid-2000s Brunson actually played for the Miami Fury, in the WPFL, a football league for women and let’s just say she dominated with her athleticism and strength.

This is where things get a little strange, remember Uncle Luke from the 2 Live Crew? If not we suggest you google 2 Live Crew in Japan and google 2 Live Crew album cover in your spare time. For those of you who do know who Luke Campbell is, he’s been the defensive coordinator for the Miami Jackson High for a couple of seasons now and was actually next up as head coach of the team but was seen as ineligible because he didn’t have the proper teaching credentials. This is where Lakatriona comes in as she was already a physical education teacher at the school after South Beach Tow left the television seen. Lakatriona saw the job opportunity and thought, why not? Now we’re here today and she has officially made Florida state history.
We have a feeling that this could actually be a decent reality show, better than South Beach Tow at least. Can you imagine Brunson and Uncle Luke standing side by side whipping some high school athletes into shape for their next football season? Then again that’s a lot of pressure on Lakatriona and the school to create positive results in such a short amount of time. Protecting the student’s namesake is also a priority as well. What’s even crazier about this entire situation is that Florida is known to crank out premiere football athletes for division one collegiate football. We wish Lakatriona good luck on her new coaching venture and hope that she continues to push the envelope not only for Miami Jackson High, or Florida, but for women everywhere. Respect.


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