Student With Down Syndrome Hits 3-Pointer To Win Final Home Game

Charlie Blacks II February 9th 2016 Sports
We always like to see stories like this one. We do have a couple of questions for the coaches who decide to throw their special needs players in at the end of the season or at the end of games when quite possibly these students could be lighting up their opponents all season long. For instance, do you guys remember the autistic kid who scored 20 points in only four minutes?! His name is Jason McElwain and standing at 5’6" he was kept as Greece Athena High School varsity basketball team’s team manager and wasn’t called to suit up until the school’s final game of the season. He entered the game in the fourth quarter and went 6-10 from the 3-point line, with a total of 20 points when the final buzzer rang. McElwain was carried off the court by his teammates and became a media sensation almost instantaneously. Fast forward to now, and we have 19 year old, Robert Lewis, who was called to suit up for his secondary school, Franklin Road Academy for their final home game. We have the video below to show you exactly what he did to make the crowd go wild.
As you can see, Lewis was called up from the bench in the final minutes of on Senior Night at his respective institution at Franklin Road Academy making his first on-court appearance of the season. His first shot attempt of the night was an air ball from the right corner behind the 3-point line. The game ends up getting tied 64-64 with just seconds left though. No worries, though, Robert Lewis was able to play some solid defense until his team took possession again and he hit a corner three ball to close out the game! The spectators stormed the court as his teammates raised him above the crowd, as Lewis grinned from ear to ear. If this doesn’t give you a warm tingly feeling inside, you probably drown puppies as a weekend hobby. With Rob’s basketball career coming to an end what better way for it to come to a close but then to hit a three pointer to win a final home game on Senior Night?!
His mother, Judy Lewis wasn’t expecting for Rob to get any playing time even though she was informed that he would suit up with the team. Well, what a surprise that she got, eh? Imagine sitting in the crowd watching your son get his first minutes of the basketball season in a make-or-break game… We hope Rob gets a chance to work with some other basketball programs in the future if he so chooses. We do know one thing, if we’re ever on the court playing a pick up game, we’ll definitely be looking for Rob to kick it to in the corner. Salute to you Robert Lewis! Anything is possible and being mentally challenged shouldn’t stop anyone from achieving their dreams.


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