Angry Grandpa Destroys His TV After Panthers Loss In The Super Bowl

Charlie Blacks II February 9th 2016 Sports
This happens every year… it doesn’t matter who’s playing, how close the game is, or whether it is a blow out, every year some guy smashes their own TV because of a single football game. For those of you who don’t care about football, this is probably the most entertaining part about the Super Bowl, watching random fans freak out in their living rooms. For those of you living under a rock and didn’t watch the game: the Carolina Panthers took on the Denver Broncos, in what the average fan would call a pretty boring NFL finale. There were a lot of mistakes being made by both teams but ultimately more mistakes were made by the Carolina Panthers who lost Super Bowl 50, 24-10. A lot of fans were hopeful that the Panthers would pull through as Cam Newton led the team to a 15-1 season but sometimes things don’t always go as planned, and this guy is an example of why. Take a look at the video for yourself.
First of all, we don’t think we’ve ever seen a football jersey, suspenders combination before, so in some ways we assumed the guy couldn’t have been that mentally stable. Also, it’s a little strange that the whole thing was caught on camera, but from the shrieking screams of the other people in the house, this looks authentic. After the older gentlemen tossed the TV into a couple of living room trays causing all the snacks to be hurled onto the floor, he grabs what appears to be a golf club and proceeds to beat the television like it was Rodney King after a police chase. That wasn’t enough though, he then decided to launch both of those Ikea living room trays into the TV and took some swings with a hammer into the screen as a cherry on top. He also ruined the majority of his living room and ripped down some decorations. What’s pretty funny was the conversation that took place after all of this happened, from what it looked like, it appeared that there was a good amount of time left in the game while he ruined what seemed like a decent sized flat screen. We’re assuming that was his son trying to reason with him, but do you think it’s possible to reason with a guy who wears suspenders with his football jerseys?
Let this be a word of advice to those who don’t want this to happen during their Super Bowl gatherings, mount your TVs on the wall! It only takes a couple of tools and a couple of dollars to do so and save your TV from looking like it got ran over by a semi. Then again, if people do decide to smarten up and do this across America we probably won’t be seeing too many of these football freak out videos. This guy may need some sort of anger management assistance, we feel sorry for his kids but we’re happy they got it on camera for our viewing pleasures. As for the man in this video, there’s always next season and we have a feeling Cam and the Panthers will be back.


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