Shocking Footage of Crane Collapsing in Lower Manhattan Neighborhood

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You guys remember that cheesy alien movie that made you wait all the way until the last scene to see the ‘alien master,’ Cloverfield? The Blair Witch Project approach with the first person camera was used throughout the 2008 movie to show the carnage and destruction of New York City which was the only enjoyable factor of the movie, but we don’t think it will top what ACTUALLY happened in Manhattan on February 5th. One of the many factors of living in today’s society is that almost everything gets caught on camera. Unfortunately, that aspect of society turns people into spectators instead of helpful citizens. Anyways, that doesn’t matter right now, because no one could stop the scary moment of watching a huge crane in a heavily populated area topple to the ground. This may be one of the most heart racing scenes we’ve seen caught on camera in a long time. Press play on the video and tell us you didn't catch a panic attack after watching it.
In the words of the man in this video, ‘holy sh**!’ Unfortunately, one person lost their life while two others suffered some major injuries. David Wichs, 38, was killed while sitting in his car on Worth Street shortly before 8:30am. The two people with injuries both suffered from lacerations to the head from falling debris, a 45 year old woman and 73 year old man, both who are supposedly in stable condition. Honestly, with the incident stretching 565ft and Lower Manhattan usually busy with commuters, this situation could have been way worse than what it was. This video is a little hard to watch and the people filming the incident were all in shock about the scene. How else are you supposed to respond to a fast moving crane other than not be in the way of where it’s falling? Horrific.
Mayor Bill de Blasio had a short news conference about the incident, his shock and relief that a lot of people weren’t hurt could be seen on his face. Here’s a short blurb of Mr. de Blasio summing up the accident, “This is a very, very sad incident — we’ve lost a life… It was something of a miracle there wasn’t more impact.” Many streets have been shut down around the scene of the crane and many of Manhattan’s public transit system has rerouted commuters away from the area. Really, scary… be thankful and careful everyone! Rest in peace David Wichs, we send our prayers and good graces to your family.


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