Former NFL Star Jerry Rice Goes Undercover as a Lyft Driver and the Results Are Hilarious

Charlie Blacks II February 4th 2016 Sports
Last time we’ve seen Jerry Rice, he was coaching his own selected Pro Bowl team for this year’s 2016 trip to Hawaii. Unfortunately, his team was blown out 49-27 to Michael Irvin’s team. Prior to that he’s been in a plethora of commercials and was inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame in 2010. I mean he’s only one of the greatest wide receivers of all time… Super Bowl ring… Countless Pro Bowl invites… Smashed records. Extremely popular in the realm of sports you might think, no? Well, with this years Super Bowl in northern California this year, Jerry gave some unexpecting San Francisco natives a Lyft, or lift. See for yourself what happens when Hall of Famer, Former San Francisco 49er and Oakland Raider, goes undercover takes some people for a ride.
We wanted to say something earlier but this was kind of hard to watch… On a serious note, do people not look at the people that they are about to hop in a car with? Maybe we’re weird but we’d like to know if we’re getting into a car with somebody that’s possibly high on K2, a psychopath, or even drunk for that matter. A good face analysis is always good when hopping into a Lyft, Uber, taxi, or whatever it may be. Anyways, being that Jerry was driving around in San Fran, there were a lot of San Francisco 49er fans. Extensive deep conversations with random people about their love for the 49ers, yet, they don’t recognize they’re sitting right next to the very guy that Steve Young broke a Super Bowl record with. Pretty funny if you ask us… We like how that one girl was blatantly being dismissive, while texting on her phone rather than being personable. We’re pretty sure if she knew who he was, she’d probably have the total opposite reaction and would even pretend to not have a boyfriend for the time being. The reactions when he revealed who he was were rather classic but as a San Francisco fan I’d be embarrassed by this. As a Raider fan, we’d be glad that he didn’t decide to drive a Lyft through Oakland, because it probably saved him from not having to take public transit back to San Fran after an on-camera carjacking.
Maybe he should have kept the Super Bowl ring on? It should be a dead give away in the eyes of a sports fan but we have a feeling half of these people still wouldn’t put two and two together. Maybe that girl would look from her phone, eh, she looked like she liked shiny things. Anyways, Jerry Rice is the greatest. Let’s hope he talks Megatron out of retirement so we add more accolades to his already extensive list of accomplishments. Peace to Jerry Rice.


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