NFL Stars Take On The Challenge Of Doing Their Daughters Hair

Charlie Blacks II February 4th 2016 Sports
If we could ask Deangelo Williams to hit the A-gap in a game winning fourth quarter running play, he’d probably say no problem. If we could ask Jason Witten to reel in a 17 yard pass play from teammate Tony Romo he’d probably shrug it off and do so with ease. Saints tight end, Benjamin Watson making the perfect block or catching a one hander from 30 yards out, probably no biggie for the superstar. Luckily, the good people of Pantene brought those three stars together to tackle another issue they probably don’t have to deal with on the daily and that’s doing their daughters hair. We don’t think we’ve ever seen our modern day gladiators under so much pressure before but they came through for the little ones in their lives. They fumble, they drop a few balls here and there, and even catch a few penalties but they emerge victorious. Check out the videos below to see exactly what we’re talking about.
Deangelo Williams is the first one up, taking on his favorite opponent, daughter Rhiya Williams, and her beautiful curly hair. Deangelo admits to only knowing one hair style, the classic ponytail but this time he decided to try something else the twisted pigtails! With the help of the detangler, a comb, and a good twisting method Deangelo thought he was in the clear until his daughter made a request to put bows INSIDE her of twist. He struggled initially but was able to add blue flowers and purple bows to Rhiya’s do!

Dad-Do number two goes to Ben Watson who is trying to get a touchdown against his gorgeous daughter Grace Watson and her pretty hair. Ben Watson went for the popular braid pigtails. Ben used this as opportunity to express how important it is for him to get to spend as much time as he possibly can with his daughter and doing her hair is a way for them to bond. Ben got the job done pretty quick but as he was completing his second braid, the first one began to come out making her do, an incomplete pass. He recovered, added some green and red bows, had his other daughter, Naomi, come in to inspect his job. Naomi gave him the two arms up, it’s good! They named Grace’s do, the ‘Who-Dad-Do’ and Grace proclaimed that she loved it. Success, plus we were surprised by Watson’s braiding skills.

Jason Witten was up next with his daughter, Landry Witten, and seemed to be the most nervous about reaching the endzone. After failing to complete the Ballerina Bun and the ponytail braid, Jason just had one more down left before being forced to punt this daddy-daughter opportunity into the hands of some real hair professionals. He then took matters into his own hands and made Landry’s hair into some beautiful pigtails in which they named their do, ‘Daddy & Angel’s Magnificent Pigtails.’ Jason struggled but he did it.

For the ladies out there, that are confused about the significance of these videos, all of us guys are sweating about the idea of attempting to do our children’s hair. So, when we see NFL stars struggle through the process it gives us hope that we too can get our daughter’s hair decent to be seen in public. Seriously though… Deangelo Williams even thanked his linemen in the midst of attempting to do his daughter’s hair because ‘at least he had help.’ Think about that for a second. We like seeing clips like this, it brings a sense of humanity to the people we view as modern day superheroes. It also gives us an opportunity to not take the little things for granted. Kids grow up so fast these days, cherish the moments like these where you and your kids can share what seems to be like something so little but something that they can remember for the rest of their lives just by you taking time out of your day to show them how much you care about them.


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