This Taco Bell Lasagna Food Recipe Will Make You Drool All Over The Place

Charlie Blacks II February 4th 2016 Lifestyle
Alright, we understand… To some of you with new year resolutions you may hate us for what we are about to show you. For those of you struggling with your fast food cravings and just don’t care, we welcome you. And for those of you who can eat just about anything and don’t gain any weight… you’re an ass-... we’ll just say we’re extremely envious. In the past couple of months foodies have been experimenting with random fast food stables trying to prepare the ultimate meal. There’s a video of a McDonald’s lasagna floating around on the interweb consisting of chicken nuggets, bacon, and entire Big Mac sandwiches. But we’re here today for the Taco Bell version of a homemade lasagna and boy does it look delicious. A god by the name of Elie Ayrouth is responsible for the existence of this delicious, cheesy, greatness. For those of you who are into food porn, get your napkins ready… Ladies and gentlemen this is the Taco Bell Lasagna.
Ok, so we’re basically just going to repeat the process, in written form, so you guys can make this masterpiece in the comfort of your own home, just in case you missed any steps from the video. The only downfall of this entire process isn’t the artery clogging contents you are shoveling into mouth but the fact that this Mexican/Italian combo is going to cost you about $80. That’s a little steep but trust us, it’s worth it. Ok, so let’s get to it. First, you are going to start out with a layer of tortillas and cheese to create the bottom level of the lasagna. Atop of the cheese, you add a layer of Taco Bell beef and actual lasagna noodles, for authenticity of course. Next step, we add an entire LAYER OF BEAN BURRITOS! Then on top of that, we add beans and a layer of nacho cheese to give it that saucey feel. That’s when another layer of lasagna noodles is added to ensure stability… then ENTIRE cheese roll ups are added to the mix! Your choice of Taco Bell hot sauce is added on top of the cheese roll ups. One last layer of beef and grated cheddar cheese, throw this bad boy in the oven at 350 degrees fahrenheit for 30 minutes and bam! Probably one of the greatest food creations since the pizza itself.
Besides the fact that it cost around $80 to get the entire ‘accoutrement’ to create this mouth watering meal, we think it’s worth it for what it is. When have you ever seen something so beautiful?! Besides our Kate Upton slide article of course… Anyways on a more serious note, this may be a once in a lifetime meal if you care about your overall health. This possibly can’t be good for your arteries, intestines, and colon, we don’t know about you guys but we’re trying to be here as long as possible. We hate to sound super health conscious but seriously if you guys are thinking about adding the Taco Bell lasagna into your diet, we recommend you either begin a workout regime or choose healthier options on a regular basis. Oh… and for those you who never gain weight, suck it easy.


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