African Burial Ground Found Underneath New York City

Charlie Blacks II January 29th 2016 Other
No one wants the surprise of finding that there’s a spiritual burial ground underneath the foundation of their house. Maybe we’ve seen Pet Sematary way too many times but we’re not taking that kind of risk. You’ve never had the thought of burying your old dog in your backyard, only for it to come back to life as a zombie killing machine? Ok… so maybe we’re taking this a little too far but seriously the thought of dead people scraps in the presence of our homes creeps us out. We especially wouldn’t expect for an ancient burial ground to be found in the world’s most busiest and largest city in New York. Archaeologists discovered what appears to be an African burial ground in New York’s very own Harlem this past summer.
Harlem’s historically known as an African American hub for businesses and community alike. Now Harlem may have an even deeper connection with African ancestry. Archaeologists working for the New York City Economic Development Corporation found more than 140 bones on 126 street beneath a Harlem bus depot in the summer of 2015, but this information is just now being leaked to the public this past week. The findings consist of bones dating back to the 17th and 19th centuries, pipes, ceramics, and also include the skull of an adult African woman. Luckily, the archaeologists were able to remove the contents of the burial ground without compromising or disturbing the contents of the grounds.

This isn’t the first time a burial ground of this kind has been found in New York, in November of 2015, New York University campus employees replacing a water pipeline found two burial vaults around 200 years old, one roughly around 4.5 meters by 5.5 meters in size, full of a dozen skulls and skeletons piled atop of each other that appeared to be tampered with. The other vault was full of non-disturbed coffins.
City council member, Melissa Mark Viverito, had this to say about the recent discoveries, “We’re very excited. This is a way of affirming a part of Manhattan history that has been overlooked.” Principal Investigator and President of Chrysalis Archaeology, Alyssa Loorya, also added her two cents to the findings, “You never know what you can find beneath the city's streets… You bury people to memorialize them, and these people were forgotten.” Loorya has the right idea but then again we all should know not to play with spiritual burial grounds. If any weird, paranormal stuff starts to happen in the near future around Harlem or New York University we know exactly why. Oh and for all the youngsters out there… watch Pet Sematary, it’s pure unadulterated entertainment.


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