22 Year Old College Student Becomes Beer Mile World Record Holder

Charlie Blacks II January 29th 2016 Sports
It only makes sense right? The fact that there is actually a thing called a beer mile and that a college student in their 20s holds the record. We assume a lot of you guys don’t know what a beer mile is… don’t worry, we didn’t know either until 22 year old, Lewis Kent, became a record holder for the ‘sport.’ The beer mile originated on college campuses across the country, where team runners would hold this event for fun during the off season. Ok, so this is how it works… You down a 12oz beer and run a quarter mile, one lap on a standard track. Then you chug another 12oz beer, and run an additional quarter mile. Repeat two more times and you’ve completed a beer mile. If you throw up, you will be penalized and forced to run an extra quarter mile. What started out as a game for runners to mix training and binge drinking, now officially has standards and rules under the company FloTrack.
This amazing feat all started when Kent found out how good he was at chugging beer, as most college students believe they are good at, and always thought of himself as an ‘above average runner.’ The combination of his love for running and beer led to him to begin an intense training regime that consisted of him stretching his stomach, downing water, and running while full. Not only did he have to consistently run with a full stomach, he had to master the art of burping immediately after every drink he consumed. When his training picked up, he switched his routine of downing water to downing beer, where he had to become an elite chugger and mentally challenge himself to compare himself to ‘a water faucet and drain’ and just let the hops fall straight into his stomach without pausing or tasting it. This is very Mr. Miyagi like stuff here… take notes kids! As you can see on the second lap, Kent’s efficiency is what set him apart from the rest and allowed him to break the record for the event with a total mile time of, 4:47.
Let’s forget about the fact that people actually showed up to this event. Lewis Kent is officially the only person in the world to be sponsored as ‘beer runner athlete’ by Brooks Running brand and now holds a world record. We’ll let him bask in all the glory for now, but let’s not doubt that there’s a kid probably in Idaho right now… training to beat Kent’s record as you read this! Oh, also we recommend people not to mix exercise and alcohol too much. Beer might be good for carbohydrates and the low alcohol content so you won’t be so dehydrated but it doesn’t hold any nutritional value to keep your energy up. Be cautious before you try anything like this, leave it for the college kids you guys!

‘I mean.. That was one the best beers I’ve ever seen chugged…’ -random and probably high announcer guy.


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