NBA Star Blake Griffin Breaks His Hand After Punching Equipment Manager

Charlie Blacks II January 28th 2016 Sports
If you’ve been following Blake Griffin’s career throughout the years, you’ve noticed his growth in almost all areas of his game. He officially has a back to the basket game, nice foot work, a soft jumper, decent ball handling skills, and can still jump through the roof. At one point he was looking like the albino version of Shawn Kemp, but a couple seasons into the NBA, he became a stand out player and an All-Star. After all, Blake was the first overall pick in the 2009 draft and his skill set has proven his value and he has lived up to being the Los Angeles Clippers first pick.. sort of… It seems every postseason the Clippers just can’t get over that hump. With the likes of Chris Paul quarterbacking the team, Jamal Crawford’s flashy ball handling skills, and Deandre Jordan ruthlessly guarding the basket it should be a cakewalk for Los Angeles’ second basketball team in line, right? Well guess again… After this most recent incident with Blake Griffin assaulting a team faculty member it may be time to blow this team up.
We’ve always known Blake Griffin has always been sort of a hothead, no pun intended, but this time he’s gone completely overboard. Griffin and Matias Testi, the team's assistant equipment manager, got into an argument at a restaurant while the Clippers were on the road in Toronto. Blake couldn’t intellectualize any thoughts he had at the moment, so he thought it would be a good idea to hit Testi while in the crowded restaurant. Testi immediately left the restaurant and went outside, and Griffin followed where he then hit him again outside. Not only did he assault a co-worker of his, but in the midst of the incident he fractured his hand hindering him from being able to play basketball. What’s even worse is that it’s not going to take days for his injury to heal but weeks. With a fractured hand and visible injuries to Testi’s face they were both sent home by the organization.

So now we have a team missing one of their superstars as well as a much needed staff member while on the road. What’s even crazier is that the two are supposedly really good friends and have even vacationed together. Oh, and this isn’t the first time Blake has gotten into a physical altercation in public. In November 2014, he was charged for misdemeanor battery after words were exchanged outside of a Las Vegas nightclub. Not only is he injured now, he may face suspension by the NBA who is currently investigating the incident.
Now a lot of people are having this debate of if they should fire Testi or think about trading Blake in the near future. We understand how valuable of an asset Blake Griffin is to that organization but is it really worth it? The team can’t even get past the second round in the playoffs and you have this redhead guy assaulting people once a year in a different city. It’s like he closes his eyes and throws a dart on the map and says ‘this year… I’m coming for Memphis.’ Regardless, we don’t think Testi should be the one to lose his job, especially after walking away. Then again, it’s always great to the Clippers struggle… Especially after attempting to cover the Lakers banners with those boy band-esque headshots of subpar, interchangeable, NBA players. Plus, if you don’t know who Cuttino Mobley is… you probably aren’t a real Clippers fan anyway.


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