Russian Man Arrested After Winning Drugs On The Internet

Charlie Blacks II January 28th 2016 Humor
Well… what did he think would happen? Unfortunately our subject of the day isn’t the first person in the world involved in drug trafficking via the internet. We can go back to as far as June 1999 in cases just like these. At one time, Ebay wasn’t so popular and the internet wasn’t as full of people, creeps, and strange opportunities. Apparently some prankster decided to post his cocaine stash on Ebay and offer an asking price of $2 million for the booger sugar. With the caption ‘We're selling Pure, Uncut Cocaine’ and ‘get your 8 ball today’ the auction drew a lot of attention… we assume mostly for the wrong reasons. Like seriously… talk about clickbait eh? Anyways, our point is this isn’t the first time this has happened. It looks like a young man in the Siberian city of Tomsk is looking at some major jail time for entering the wrong contest.
So, here we have a 20 year old kid who took part in an online contest in which he had to write an article about the effects of using the synthetic marijuana drug known as ‘spice.’ He did so well in the contest that he won first place, and with it comes a prize of course… that prize being, that’s right… drugs! He met with website officials at a ‘discreet location’ in order to collect his ‘prize.’ On his way home he decided to try some of his synthetic weed and like a Cheech & Chong movie it kicked in in full effect. After tracking down the youngster police found him at a local train station high out of his mind. He had a total of 5 grams on him and was arrested for possession of the drug. He is currently facing up to 10 years in prison for possession and the police are still searching for the other parties involved in the entire transaction.
Ok… for those of you that are frequent visitors to our site here, we recently had a story involving a Russian doctor who killed a man with a single punch. He was able to go home after the incident and he only faces a total of 2 years imprisonment. Something isn’t adding up here… So, a kid who might has seen "Half Baked" way too many times and can write a decent article is facing 10 years in prison, while another guy killed a man on camera and only faces 2 years in jail? Very confusing… to all of our Russian readers, please explain your legal system. Us Americans can’t say too much either, our legal system has been in shambles since… well… since forever. Oh and kids we don’t recommend you guys doing drugs at all, but if you’re going to smoke the hasheesh, go for the real stuff, synthetic drugs are worse for you in the long run anyway.


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