Teen Who Refused To Shower Dies From Using Too Much Deodorant

Charlie Blacks II January 20th 2016 Other
You can’t make this kind of stuff up. Every once in awhile we hear about someone that died in some bizarre type of way. For instance, in 1985, Jerome Moody died by drowning at a pool party… the thing was, it was a lifeguard who threw the party and four lifeguards were in attendance when Jerome passed away. Hoarders and brothers, Homer and Langley Collyer, died after possessions of theirs toppled over trapping them in their New York home. When authorities found them Langley was half eaten by rats and Homer was found decomposing, an autopsy showed that Homer died via starvation. A woman in 1518, killed herself by dancing to death after she fled to the streets Strasbourg City suffering from dance fever like she was in Studio 54 on some type of bender. Several days later, she was still at it and collapsed in the streets. The United Kingdom’s own Basil Brown drank himself to a carrot juice death after he thought that carrots would give him x-ray vision. Instead it led to an overdose of vitamin-A and poisoned his liver. Now… we have a British teen who went a little too far with his use of canned deodorant spray. We have more information about this scent-challenged tragedy…
16 year old, Thomas Townsend, was found collapsed in the midst of 42 cans of aerosol spray in a children’s home in Folkestone, Kent, England. Thomas was a foster care resident who supposedly would go through one can of spray deodorant in a single week in order to keep his body odor in check. So, instead of just simply turning a single faucet and bathing himself, he found an alternative in dousing himself with spray on deodorant. On a serious note, the teen was somewhat troubled and in the past had attempted to harm himself, but this time around the amount of butane Thomas had inhaled was at toxic levels causing him to pass out unconscious. At the time of his death, he didn’t have any drugs or alcohol in his system either, and the cause of his death was purely from the fumes. Thomas was fond of animals and was pursuing a career in trimming and shoeing horses for a living.
This is an extremely sad turn of events but all the kid had to do was shower daily. Do they not teach basic hygiene in England foster care? For all of you parents out there with stinky teens, please show them this article. You could scare them onto the straight narrow path of regular bathing. Like we mentioned before, people die in some crazy ways but this definitely takes the cake for most unusual die in the early part of this new year.


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