Pennsylvania Man Arrested For Attempting To Make Love To a Horse

Charlie Blacks II January 20th 2016 Humor
Every once in awhile we hear a story about a human and an animal coming to together to unite… and not in the scary ‘I rescued this lion from near death’ kind of a way. We’re talking about an ‘I’m going to play this R. Kelly 12 Play album while I violate this goat’ kind of way. What’s even crazier is the amount of states right here in America that have no laws against getting down with our furry, four-legged friends. For instance, it is legal to visit your stable of livestock on a lonely night and penetrate a non-human species in these states: Kentucky, Montana, New Jersey, Nevada, Ohio, Texas, Virginia, West Virginia, and Wyoming. Oh, and in New Jersey there are civil permits so you could join hand and paw in holy matrimony. All of these states allow this strange behavior but don’t allow same sex marriage. Very strange if you ask us… Anyway, here’s the story about a man who booked a flight expecting a sexy time with a horse.
69-year-old, Michael Crawford, posted an ad on a well known site, in which the police refused to reveal, reaching out to horse owners who would allow him to do the nasty with their horse. Undercover cops then responded to Crawford’s request, posing as horse owners willing to let him have sex with their ‘horse.’ Filled with excitement, Crawford quickly booked a flight to Arizona as he is a Pennsylvania native. Upon arriving, deputies still posing as horse owners brought Crawford to a horse trailer where he was presented two ponies. Drooling at the mouth and unable to contain himself, he let the ‘horse owners’ know exactly what his intentions were with the sexy mares. In the video, you could see the excitement in his eyes, the ear to ear smile, all he was missing was the proper protection and lubrication. That’s when he was instantly taken into custody and charged with beastiality.
What’s crazy about this whole situation was that Crawford appeared to be confused about his arrest and told authorities that he’s been getting down with animals since the 70s. Crawford pled guilty and was sentenced to the charges and only received 18 months of probation for his weird desires. We think when Crawford saw the undercover cops pull out a pair of handcuffs he probably got excited and thought they were into a little bondage. To each his own but seriously… we should adjust some laws in order to protect our pet friends. Oh, and if you see this guy in your neighborhood, please bring your cat, dog, or mini goat indoors to avoid the your pets from the most traumatizing experience they will have to endure.


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