Deontay Wilder Knocks Out Artur Szpilka Unconscious, Tyson Fury Confronts Wilder WWE Style

Charlie Blacks II January 18th 2016 Sports
It looks like the heavyweight division has another phenom on the rise in the 30 year old, Deontay Wilder. By the end of this year, Deontay will be a household name but as for now we get to watch the development of what could be one of best heavyweight boxing greats since Mike Tyson. For those of you hearing the name for the first time, here’s a few facts about the Wilder, nicknamed the ‘Bronze Bomber.’ Deontay’s from Tuscaloosa, Alabama and is known as one of the most powerful punchers in today’s boxing climate. He is currently 36-0, 35 of his wins coming via knockout. In the 2008 Olympics in Beijing, Wilder earned a bronze medal, resulting in his nickname, the Bronze Bomber, who he got from Joe Louis the Brown Bomber. He also became the first American heavyweight champion in nine years after beating Bermane Stiverne in a twelve round unanimous decision fight in January of 2015. With Wilder now at the top of the food chain, all of the world’s heavyweights are waiting for their shot for a chance to square off with the Bronze Bomber.
This mat nap took place this past weekend as Deontay was looking to defend his championship for only the third time against Artur Szpilka. His first two defending championship bouts occurred against Éric Molina and Johann Duhaupas both resulting in knockouts. Molina going down in the ninth round and Duhaupas in an eleventh round stoppage. As for the clip above you can see Wilder connecting directly with a huge right hook that rendered Szpilka unconscious instantly. Szpilka was forced to leave the ring in a stretcher after being knocked out for several minutes. Luckily, he was able to move his extremities and communicate normally while on the stretcher. Praise the powers that be for Szpilka’s health but when was the last time you saw a boxing match where one of the fighters had to leave the ring in a stretcher?! Watching Szpilka’s legs fold like he was Woody from Toy Story every time Andy entered the room could be a sign that boxing may be headed in the right direction - especially with the last couple of decades being dominated by lighter boxers, making the sport more tactical than exciting to the casual fan.
What’s even crazier is what happened after the fight at Barclay’s Center in Brooklyn, NY. Even though Russian boxer, Alexander Povetkin, was in attendance and is technically next in line to face Wilder - heavyweight boxer, Tyson Fury, hopped in the ring and had a couple of words for Deontay. The whole exchange was probably the best WWE wrestling imitation we’ve seen since, well… the WWE. With Tyson Fury stripping his vest off and pacing the ring, all that was missing was Stone Cold Steve Austin theme music and the wrestling tights. We’re going to hop on this bandwagon early as boxing fans around the world may have gotten exactly what they wanted… A huge 6’7" heavyweight willing to brawl with anyone who dares to step foot in the ring with him. Wilder isn’t as polished a fighter as he can be, but watching the journey of his growth is going to be exciting over the next couple of years. All we have to say is… this is the best thing to happen to boxing in years.


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