Iran Releases Shocking Photos of U.S. Sailors in Captivity

Charlie Blacks II January 14th 2016 Other
It’s not everyday a story pops up about US military service members being captured, and most of the time when they are they usually don’t end well. Over the past couple of decades we’ve heard of incidents of US soldiers being abducted, only to be used as negotiation pieces or martyrs in disturbing videos. For instance back in May 2007, four American soldiers as well as one Iraqi soldier manning a US military observation post in Mahmudiyah, Iraq were killed and three other American soldiers were abducted from the post and found dead later. In June 2006, a US military checkpoint near Baghdad was attacked. One soldier was killed at the site and the other two were abducted later to be found brutally tortured and dead. These are just a couple of examples of how dangerous things can be for our service members across seas, but this Wednesday a video arose of Iran soldiers holding US sailors captive with their hands behind their heads. One thing though… this isn’t like those two other stories we just described.
Tuesday, January 12th, 10 US sailors were held captive by the Iranian Navy after two service boats drifted into Iranian territorial waters. We’re not exactly sure as to why the service boats ended up in Iranian waters but some are saying the boats were in the vicinity of Farsi Island for refueling purposes and ended up drifting into their territory after failing to refuel. Supposedly the US had lost contact with the two ships which just so happened to be in route from Kuwait to Bahrain and this is when this footage took place. From the looks of the beginning of the video it looks like the US service members are in for the worst. But contrary to popular belief, the Iranian military treated the soldiers with nothing but respect and minimal hostility was shown in the direction of the US sailors. The Iranian fleet did make the soldiers publicly apologize before being released though. As soon as he was notified of the incident, United States Secretary of State, John Kerry, immediately reached out to Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif and made it clear to US officials that this was not a hostile exchange and the soldiers were in perfect health.
What’s funny about this whole thing was the pictures released of the soldiers sitting indian style in a circle eating lunch with juice boxes, like they were attending 4th grade camp for the first time. We could make all the jokes we want but in all seriousness we’re glad our Iranian friends were understanding enough to know that sometimes even our military can end up in vulnerable situations beyond their control. Not only is this a sign that we could work with our middle eastern brothers and sisters in unison for a good cause, but it should be a sign that all of humanity should take the ask questions first before shooting hostility of today’s society. Improved relations between two militarized powerhouses can be the beginning of a positive shift of energy for all of us. Salute to the Iranian Navy for being so hospitable and respectful.


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