This Poor Fish Was Able To Live 6 Months With Only Half Its Body

Charlie Blacks II January 13th 2016 Other
There are a couple of animals out there that are virtually indestructible. Multiple species of turtles stay stuck in teenage form for close to a century. Jellyfish never die… no seriously, they don’t die unless killed. They age backwards like some sort of sea animal version of Benjamin Button. You could say the same for lobsters, they only grow bigger and never feel the ailments of old age unless killed. Another marine life animal in whales takes hundreds of years before they meet their demise. Then of course we have the cockroach, everybody hates them, but you gotta give it up for being as resilient as they are. You can cut the little buggers heads up only for them to starve to death a week later. The strength of those pests are unmatched. But as for this fish, discovered in Thailand, no one really has explanation for how this Southeast Asian native species survived half a year with no abdomen or tail.
This species of fish is called the golden belly barb and is very similar to carp and resemble a fish we may recognize as the North American angler. Even though it resembles several different types of fish, the golden belly barb can only be found in several rivers throughout Southeast Asia. No one really knows how this particular fish ended up this severely injured but when 36-year-old, Watchara Chote, first saw the half flipper at a local market in Ratchaburi, Thailand he instantly bought it and named it ‘I-Half.’ In such amazement of the resilience and health of the fish, he began to tour the region and believe it or not, what looked like Red Lobster leftovers, drew a crowd everywhere Chote went. Even though this species of barb is known for its robust health, no one in the area has ever seen anything quite like this. Unfortunately, while Chote was touring with his miracle barb, the fish died and the zombie phenomenon was no longer.
It’s kind of funny that Chote was able to tour with the fish, we wonder what people were expecting for the fish to do, other than float on his side. One thing though before you decide to buy one on the internet. Please don’t release the golden belly barb in American territory or anywhere foreign to their native Southeast Asia for that matter… The last thing we need is an invasive species of fish throwing a wrench into our already unpredictable ecosystem. Anyway this video made us hungry. Who’s up for sushi?


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