Man Paralyzed By Multiple Sclerosis Builds His Dream Home in a 700 Year Old Cave

Charlie Blacks II January 11th 2016 Lifestyle
People find their muses in different forms, for some it’s recreational sports, for some it’s their children, and others it may be their dream job. For this guy, it was building his dream home after he was temporarily paralyzed by multiple sclerosis in 2007. Architecture and design are perfect hobbies to take your mind off things while the world works out its complexities. Englishman, Angelo Mastropietro, has taken his muse to the next level with this masterpiece. Most people don’t have the imagination to turn a random cave into something special, let alone have the drive. Angelo definitely redefines the term ‘man cave’ with this bad boy right here. Check out the video below, if you want to see how a once distracted and busy man turned a cave into the perfect holiday getaway home.
38 year old Angelo Mastropietro at one point was a high profile recruitment boss in Australia. He didn’t realize that he was living a busy, stressful, unhealthy lifestyle until he was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. While the disease peaked and he laid paralyzed, he did some soul searching and reevaluated his entire life and decided he would do something more meaningful with his time on earth. As Mastropietro got better he traveled to Worcestershire, UK and while in the Wyre Forest he had a vision of his dream home and purchased a cave in the side of a mountain for $90,000. Mastropietro himself did most of the manual labor as it took him over 1,000 hours just breaking down rock and hollowing out the appropriate amount of room for the living space. Overall, Mastropietro invested about $230,000 into the holiday getaway and every penny was worth it. We mean… look at the place.
Angelo Mastropietro didn’t let the fact that he was diagnosed with the painful nerve disease, MS, stop him from doing exactly what he wanted to do. After making this project a focal point in his life he his now happier and healthier than when he was bedridden by the disease. Let’s face some facts here guys, most of us can hardly put together Barbie’s Malibu dream house without getting frustrated and launching the pieces into the wall and this guy designed and constructed an entire house with own two hands on the side of a mountain. And just for that… Angelo Mastropietro we salute you. Oh, we almost forgot to mention the fact that the home also has Wi-Fi, come on now… it’s a nice cave house but Angelo is no caveman.


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