Michigan Couple Gets Engaged At Walmart, Then Goes On Shoplifting Rampage

Charlie Blacks II January 8th 2016 Humor
This isn’t the first time that this has happened. Well, not this particular scenario but the whole getting married at Wal-Mart thing has happened a couple of times. Believe it or not back in 2011, Caleb Cox and Ella Glass, had their formal wedding ceremony in the garden center of a Wal-Mart, but here’s the kicker, the couple actually won a contest for them to be able to wed at the superstore. Just two years later, in 2013, Wayne and Susan Brandenburg, jumped the broom at a local North Carolina Wal-Mart. The two thought it would only be right if they tied the knot at the very first place they met... the layaway section. Don’t you tear up just yet, there’s a new couple on the scene getting hitched at the big box store, William Cornelius Jr. and his bride to be Sheri Moore. The only thing that separates these two from true love found at Wal-Mart’s past is that their engagement photos were taken at a local Michigan police department, hours after Cornelius popped the question.
Ok, so the two aren’t exactly married yet but it didn’t stop 25 year old William Cornelius Jr. from popping the question in front of customers and staff alike on New Year’s Eve around 6pm. Let’s set-up this beautifully crafted scenario that no woman could turn down. Before entering the store with his fiancee-to-be he had gotten the store managers to agree to allow one of their employees to read off a poetic letter professing his love to 20 year old Sheri Moore that concluded with him popping the question on the scene. Later, all things were a-go, Cornelius gave the staff the proper signals and while in the store with Moore he purchased an engagement ring for the amount of $29.62 and placed it on Moore’s finger right then and there letting the world know this is true love.

After successfully proposing to his fiancee, how could the happy couple not stock up on honeymoon supplies, right? The two headed just right down the road to the Bay City mall, where after splurging all of his funds on that beautiful engagement ring, he decided to shoplift an edible thong, valued at $5.99 and a vibrator known as the ‘BJ Blast,’ from the mall’s Spencer’s gift shop. Not only did he grab some sexy gifts, he was also able to snatch some more jewelry for Moore, including a necklace and earrings. Unfortunately, this story of true love turned tragic when Cornelius was caught by authorities, only because he fell asleep tying his shoe in the food court after taking the pain reliever, Tramadol, which he later claimed was the reason for his shoplifting spree. The total amount of the gifts stolen were valued at a whopping $80.93.
Bay City, Michigan’s Romeo and Juliet were both booked at the local police station. Moore posted bond before she could be brought up on any charges. As for Cornelius, he was on probation for an event that happened last year, after he and his cousin attacked three black men walking past their porch in hate crime like fashion. He now faces up to 93 days in jail and a $500 fine, if found guilty. If this story doesn’t define romantic, we don’t know what romantic is.


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