Andre Iguodala’s Ex-girlfriend Wants a Ridiculous $58K A Month In Child Support

Charlie Blacks II January 7th 2016 Sports
Child support is always a touchy subject. We would hope that a parent would be willing to provide their child with whatever they need, even if they are not present within the household. The legalities of the child support system also may be another aspect of our country that may need a little touching up because of those who take advantage of the system. For example, Andre Iguodala and ex-girlfriend, Clayanna Warthen, are currently going through a dirty court battle over their daughter and how much money Andre should be coughing up monthly in order for their child to live comfortably. Let’s get to the details of this particular case.
Andre Iguodala is coming off one of the best seasons of basketball he’s ever played in his life. Even though he went from being a NBA starter to a role player coming off the bench, it didn’t stop him from being a huge contributing factor to the world champion, Golden State Warriors. The guy even won NBA Finals MVP honors. As for the young woman he shares a six year old daughter with, Clayanna Warthen, all we know is that she used to be a video vixen. A career that is only good for about five to seven years if, and God forbid anything bad happens to you, you are able to maintain your good looks. No offense to those aspiring models out there…

Anyways, the two share a daughter that apparently has an IQ of 151 and is very gifted. So you know what that means, in order for her to maintain her brand of excellence her school expenses are more than the average child’s. Andre is currently paying $18k a month in child support, in which we believe is a ridiculous amount of money already, but Clayanna doesn’t believe that that is enough for their star student. Clayanna states that Andre is currently making around $11 million a year and that the child support payments should be increased to $58k a month. Seriously…
First of all the pair were only together from 2004, Iguodala’s rookie season, what a coincidence, until 2009, where she instantly filed for child support. Do you guys think that a five year relationship warrants a $58k child support payment plan? We understand that he does need to take care of his child, but what six year old needs that kind of money monthly?! Also, which school is this kid going to that requires $58k a month in school expenses? We don’t want to say Clayanna is taking advantage of the system but then again… yeah we will. Instead of living off the merit of Andre’s hard earned money maybe she should look into having a career of her own, so she can also contribute to her child’s expenses. The child has a genius level IQ and we’re pretty sure she wouldn’t know what to do with that kind of money. Andre and Clayanna will be in court soon and we’ll definitely be keeping a close eye on this child support debacle.


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