Off Duty Police Officer Drives Drunk, Gets Pulled Over By Fellow Cops, Does Not Get Arrested

Charlie Blacks II January 7th 2016 Other
America has a serious problem when it comes to the check and balance systems of certain pieces of our society. We have a financial system in Wall St. that can get away with almost anything facing no repercussions. We also have a judicial system and mass incarceration plan in full effect that has used lives as pawns for profit in an unjust way. Then we have local law enforcement, a group of people who govern and investigate themselves whenever they make questionable decisions that go public. What sense does this make? And where are the agencies and systems at to stop these societal atrocities? As we develop as a country, we need to implement new constructs and balances instead of holding onto ideas that worked for us in the past. There are multiple industries that could use a good reset. The government shouldn’t have total control of our food sources and yet at that we shouldn’t allow our livestock to be pumped full of dangerous steroids and toxins that we assume is safe to consume. Our financial and judicial systems should be held accountable when they fail the people, and last but not least, the police shouldn’t be allowed to police themselves. Local law enforcement should face the same penalties they dish out when they commit criminal acts. Speaking of cops policing themselves… take a look of the video below… Still think that law enforcement doesn’t need some reform?
So, here we are in Poulsbo, Washington in a movie theater parking lot. Our subject, Kitsap County Sheriff Sergeant Jim Porter, sitting drunkenly dazed in his Jeep. After movie theater employees grew suspicious of the police sergeant, they called the authorities on him as they should have. Poulsbo police officer, Danielle Branes, is the first one to approach Porter, instantly she notices that he reeks of alcohol and is totally incoherent in his speech. The two tell-tale signs of an intoxicated person and instead of taking the proper DUI test procedures, she asked Porter if he needed a ride, in which he refused, she also allowed him to stay inside his vehicle with his keys in hand. Officer Branes then told the movie theater employees that if Porter left the parking lot that they should call the authorities right away. So guess what Porter then decided to do… that’s right! Two hours later, he drove home while drunk and the movie theater employees did the right thing once again by contacting the police. This time, Poulsbo police officer, Jennifer Corn, had joined officer Danielle Branes at the home of Jim Porter, as he was unable to get out of his vehicle after the 5 mile drive. Porter held a tight grasp onto his car keys while he stumbled around and also was non-cooperative to the police orders given to him. After both officers stood around doing a whole lot of nothing, they told the vomit covered sheriff that they had no ‘probable cause’ of him being drunk so they allowed him to go home. A damn shame…
What’s befuddling about this entire situation was that not only were their body-cams filming the exchange, but officer Corn thought it would be a good idea to turn her’s off temporarily while they tried to find a loophole for their local police pal. This footage originally took place last year on October 16th but after a public record request, the footage recently surfaced. Imagine if the request was never made and they got away with this? Imagine this situation if Porter would have drove out of that parking lot and killed himself or someone else? Poulsbo police officer Danielle Branes recently resigned for ‘unrelated reasons.’ Porter has been placed on administrative leave and the evidence was recently reviewed by a city attorney who declined to file charges because she did not believe that an ‘objective and reasonable fact-finder would convict.’ Really ridiculous… The favoritism shown and laws broken should have all of these people locked behind bars. If the police officers would have did their job and gave Porter a breathalyzer or a blood test, they could saved themselves the embarrassment and their jobs. Officer Corn broke the law by turning off her body camera which is against police policy, the number of laws officer Branes broke is nearly endless, and as for sheriff Porter, he should be in the mandated DUI program at this very moment. Still don’t think we need change? Still think local law enforcement doesn’t need reform? Whether you think so or not, let us know we’re always down for a logical debate for the betterment of all of us.


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