Netherlands Dedicates Incredible Parade To Vincent Van Gogh

Charlie Blacks II January 7th 2016 Other
This one is for those of you who are hardcore art enthusiasts. Ok, for those of you who are in the know, we get it, we’re late but we had no idea that the Netherlands held an annual flower parade. Sometimes, living in America we are unaware of the various celebrations thrown around the world. If you ever get to experience China’s lantern festival r India’s, Holi, also known as the festival of color, do so and embrace the cultural differences we have. After all, you can only eat so many hot dogs come July 4th. Anyway, this past year in September the small Netherlands town of Zundert decided to do things a little different for their annual flower parade, they decided to dedicate the entire ordeal to the late, great Vincent Van Gogh.
Since the year 1936, Zundert has ran the world’s largest volunteer-run flower parade. It’s a rare title to hold, but Zundert is also the birthplace of one the world’s most respected and well-known artists in Vincent Van Gogh. Most of the time, the festival doesn’t impose a theme to those participating in the festivities but this past September they mixed things up a little bit in order to commemorate the 125th anniversary of the painter’s death. Participants came out with their best interpretations of Van Gogh’s work with massive 66ft long floats decked out in vibrant dahlias grown just for the occasion. We’re not going to lie, a lot these living floats displayed in the video, blow the socks off of our inflatable Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade floats.

What’s crazy is that these visuals can not be copied and upheld due to the fact that they were living and temporary artistic beings. What’s even crazier is that the youth is responsible for the cultivation, design, and oversight of every float come the time of year of the family festival. It is a Netherland’s tradition to pass down the skill set of how to care for dahlias as well as to instill float making skills into future generations. The organizers of the annual event recently wrote on their website, “The childhood dream in Zundert is not to become a famous football player, but to be a float designer.” Sounds like a big deal if you ask us.
This not only gives us a peek into another culture and tradition but also a lesson in recognition and passion for art. Vincent Van Gogh spent his entire life consumed in art. He painted everything he felt, severed his ear, and some say he used to even eat paint, yellow to be exact. Even though he only sold one painting during his lifetime and suffered from depression, he did not die in vain. It’s unfortunate that he had to pass away without the proper accolades, so let this also be a reminder to give those their flowers while they can still smell them… and not when it’s too late.


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