See The Shocking Difference In Treatment Between A Homeless Teen and Homeless Grown Man

Kaleigh M January 5th 2016 Lifestyle
There are about 611,000 homeless adults in America today. Many of these individuals can be seen on the streets of busy cities, asking for money, food, or any type of help. In order to spread awareness of this increasing epidemic, a team of brothers decided to conduct a social experiment. In this experiment, the youngest brother would pose as a homeless teen and sit directly adjacent to the grown homeless man. With this, they would be able to test and truly see how individuals in today’s society respond to homeless individuals, and see if there was any significant difference between ages or situations. The video begins with footage of the homeless man alone, begging each passer-by for spare change or anything that may help him. Even though the man cries out for help to individuals walking by him, the individuals not only ignores his need, but refuses to look at him. The man is seen politely asking people for help, followed by quietly wiping the tears of devastation from his eyes.
After some time of filming the homeless man himself, the boys conducting the social experiment have a teen posing as homeless sit next to the man. Upon approaching the homeless man, the teen is greeted with a pleasant hello from the man. As the teen sits down and opens a sign that explains that he is homeless and in need of money, he receives money instantaneously. The video continues with both men and women of all ages continuously stopping to donate money to the teenage boy, and completely ignoring the grown man. Even after placing money into the boy’s cup, they all continue to continue walking by the grown man, ignoring his plea. Not only did people donate money to the teen, but he received blessings, kind words, hugs, and kisses. In fact, the video shows a police officer offending the man (after donating money to the boy) by questioning the man’s ability to get a job. After the homeless man begins to respond, the female officer cuts him off - not only yelling at him to “go open doors”, but eventually takes physical harm to him by hitting him on the head, trying to knock off his hat.
As the video continues, one man even dumps food on the homeless man’s head after the man explained that he had previously served in the US Army. After having food dumped on him, he used what money he had received to buy the boy next to him a slice of pizza for the homeless teen. The family conducting the social experiment came up to the homeless man at this point, explaining the basis behind their social experiment. The man described his experiences on the street to the boys, explaining in tears how disrespectful people are to him on a daily basis, even though he was a Veteran of the US Army who had spent time serving not only his country, but the country of the people who mistreated him. At that point, the boys explained that the money that the teen boy had raised was to be given to him , in addition to $200 from the team. With the knowledge that this money could buy him food and a place to stay, tears of joy begin to stream down the veteran’s face. As the video ends, the man asks to thank the team for their help and support, hugging each boy individually. The gratitude shown from the homeless man shows just how much of a difference can be made in one’s life with just a little bit of help from another.


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