Drunk Russian Man Dies, Wakes Up In Morgue, Goes Back To Party

Charlie Blacks II January 1st 2016 Humor
It’s not every day we get a headline like this but yeah, you read that correctly… and no the guy doesn’t have narcolepsy, wasn’t playing a practical joke, and he’s not a zombie. We couldn’t imagine the panic and fear of waking up in those refrigerated boxes surrounded by other lifeless bodies waiting to be prepped for a funeral home. What’s even worse or equally as scary is being the mortician in this situation. We would definitely get the hell out of dodge if we heard rumblings and screams coming from the inside of a body bag. Believe it or not, this isn’t the first time that this happened. There was a story recently about an old woman who was mistaken for dead while she was taking a nap. Later she woke up on a cold steel table, only to scare the sh** out of everyone in the building. These stories are hilarious from the outside looking in, but can’t be too funny for those involved, especially this most recent chain events involving vodka, death, and partying.
Russia’s known for its premiere vodka, hardcore alcoholism, and vodka for breakfast being the norm. No offense guys, maybe our Russian perspective is skewed, American stereotypes are welcome in the comment section. Anyways, a man in Russia was declared dead by an ambulance after drinking rounds of vodka with his friends and passing out. He was placed in a mortuary freezer, but according to the morgue, the facility was filled to capacity at the time our not so dead pal had checked in. So while he was ‘dead’ he had been placed on the floor by the freezer along with several other dead bodies. The man regained consciousness, feeling the limbs of lifeless bodies. Still inebriated from the alcohol and shaking from the refrigerated room, he stood up and attempted to open the door to the freezer. After failing to open the locked door the man panicked and screamed for help. The screams alerted the morgue’s guard, in which he contacted the doctors on site. The police were then contacted and they were the first to unlock the door for the back-from-the-dead man. In a panic after the door was unlocked, the man sprinted out of the morgue and was later questioned by police. After clearing his story with the authorities, he returned to his friends home, only to find them still in the midst of partying… in which of course, he had to join in.
Now if this isn’t the ultimate bad ass party story of a lifetime… we don’t know what is. Not only did this guy resurrect himself, like a certain guy who’s birthday just passed, but he went right back to partying like some sort of Russian version of the movie Project X. Not too much information has been released as to who this guy is exactly but he may go down in history as one of the most badass partiers of all time.


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