Massive Fire at Dubai Skyscraper Interrupts New Year's Celebrations

Charlie Blacks II January 1st 2016 Other
The United Arab Emirates is known for its futuristic architecture, its fleet of luxury cars, as well as its residents owning exotic pets such as cheetahs and leopards. Also among the many high profile attractions in the UAE, are man-made islands just off the shore of the city of Dubai known as Atlantis, and a huge skycraper called the Burj Khalifa, a UAE cornerstone and landmark you can’t miss, standing at a little over 2723ft. With even more landmarks and cool ultramodern attractions than the average metropolitan city, Dubai couldn’t stop what happened entering 2016 on New Year’s Eve to the Address Downtown Dubai Hotel, a popular 5-star hotel in the midst of the ultra-futuristic scenery and luxurious living spaces.
Around 9:30pm, right before the city was preparing for one of the world’s most extravagant fireworks displays, a fire had started at the hotel and quickly gained momentum. A source told CNN that the fire had originally started on the building’s 20th floor after some curtains caught on fire. Not too long after witnesses had noticed the building was ablaze, an explosion was heard miles away coming from the Address Hotel. It didn’t take long for flames to engulf several stories on the popular getaway destination which left onlookers shocked, some of which panicked, and ran screaming from the scene. A lot of witnesses feared for their safety as debris had begun to fall from the building. A witness at the scene had noticed some embers while eating dinner with her family in the hotel and had this to say to CNN, "Immediately we decided we need to get out of there, because we saw debris falling from the building. They got us out calmly... [and] quickly. We were impressed with how easy we got out of there."
Luckily, the hotel handled what could have been a tragic situation with poise and only 16 people were originally reported to have injuries. With the world on high terror alert, the UAE did an excellent job in a situation that could have caused major panic within the high profile city of Dubai. As for the fire, there’s been multiple angles of the blaze caught on tape as people in the area were setting up their cameras for the fireworks extravaganza, but got a different kind of ‘fireworks’ show instead. Even with this horrific scene still being manned by the fire department, the fireworks show went on but had crowds of people torn, should they watch the popular 5-star hotel engulfed in flames, or catch the fireworks show everyone not in the UAE envies? We’d take fireworks show any day, but as soon as the UAE implements their plans to fight fires with jetpacks, we might reconsider.


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