Santa Claus Robs Kentucky Fried Chicken at Knifepoint

Charlie Blacks II January 1st 2016 Humor
Yeah, the headline says it all, and yes, it’s a true story. During the holidays the majority of us are filled with joy, the spirit of giving, and happiness, while others are suffering, depressed, or just Grinch-like and hate this time of the year all together. It’s unfortunate that the amount of arrests and suicides go up this time of the year, but yet understandable. People really do just find themselves in desperate situations or unable to cope with the conditions that the winter and the holidays bring. Some people don’t have families or are unable to provide for a family, or just plain sick and enjoy seeing people in turmoil during the holiday season. Fortunately this time around we have a holiday crime scene that is somewhat comical. We’re just glad that no one was hurt during this particular robbery situation involving the Santa Claus himself.
Usually when we think of Santa Claus, we think of someone who is hefty, yet charismatic and light on his feet that he can’t be heard or seen tip-toeing on your roof and through your living room in the middle of the night. Also, what comes to mind when thinking of jolly old St. Nick is a sack full of toys and elves, lots and lots of elves. Apparently, this Christmas Santa made a stop at a KFC in Alfreton, England but instead of coming down the chimney, this Santa hopped his way through the drive-thru window, wielding a knife and demanded an untold amount of money from the store’s office attendant at the time… Now this isn’t the Santa Claus we all know and love. A drive-thru window entry? A knife instead of toys? A sack full of cash? All that was missing was a red nosed pit bull to represent Rudolph and he would been the ultimate bad Santa. We understand things are pretty rough these days, but who would've thought that even St. Nick fell on such hard times that he would find it necessary to rob a KFC.
We have to admit, whoever this guy is that robbed this KFC is is sort of a genius. Now local authorities have asked the community to help them on their search of a man dressed in red trousers, a red jacket, a Santa hat, with a hefty build… think about the possibilities of this guy getting caught. Unfortunately, the employees that were working the late shift that night are on edge, but when they look back on this in a couple of years they’ll be able to laugh at the ordeal. With all that said, if you’re ever in the Alfreton, England area and see Santa Claus wielding a knife, you might want to call the authorities.


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