Mike Tyson Wipes Out And Embarrasses Himself On Hover Board

Charlie Blacks II January 1st 2016 Humor
This one is for all the kids who could never beat Mike Tyson’s Punch Out without using the cheat code! This is also for all those boxers who were rendered unconscious by the hands of Mike Tyson and of course Evander Holyfield’s ear… Karma has finally struck back in the form of a hot pink hoverboard. Also, the children of this generation can witness the man we know as Iron Mike get KO’d by this year’s favorite children's Christmas gift. Before we you press play on the video, we’re going to do a little rundown on one the most feared boxers the world has ever seen.
Before he was tattooing his face and knocking out chubby actors in The Hangover series, he was actually a professional boxer. But not just your average boxer, he started his professional boxing career off 22-0, with a total of 21 knockouts. Tyson quickly became a boxing phenomenon and had a total record of 50 wins and 6 losses, 44 by knockout. Ok… we won’t give you too much of a history lesson but these days he has become a well-known thespian, Broadway included, and even has a popular mystery cartoon show on Adult Swim called Mike Tyson Mysteries.
Now as for this video, we know it’s short, just like a lot of his fights were. But instead of Mike standing over his opponent in victory this one ends with him on the mat, or in this case the hardwood floor. Yeah, the video starts out cool with Mike spinning in circles showing off to the camera how hip he his but that quickly took a turn for the worst as he ran into his ‘white room’ carpet. Mike Tyson has publicly been through some ups and downs but this one shall live forever as one of Instagram’s greatest treasures. Maybe we should change his official fighting record to 50-7, with his last loss being a hoverboard. Let us remind you again that it is of the hot pink version. Luckily, we all know that Iron Mike can take a joke these days, has his wits about him, and has become one of America’s favorite sports figures all over again. Thanks for sharing Mike.


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