Watch Aaron Rodgers and Chris Paul Make Some RIDICULOUS Trick Shots

Charlie Blacks II December 25th 2015 Sports
Two star athletes in the peak of their careers, dominating in their respective sports: Chris Paul and Aaron Rodgers face off in the ultimate trick shot competition. The pair teamed up with Dude Perfect trick shot crew, not only to have some fun but for a good cause as well. The MAAC Fun and the Chris Paul Family Foundation were each awarded $25,000 for Aaron Rodgers’ and Chris Paul’s time goofing around in an empty gymnasium. Usually trick shot videos are really short but this lengthy, six minute compilation just goes to show you that Paul and Rodgers are truly the elite of their crafts and on top of their game. In just two days, the video received over 2 million hits… so you know it’s gotta be good. These shots took precision, perfect timing, and accuracy all the while triggering various contraptions that only increased the difficulty of each and every shot taken.
The people over at Dude Perfect definitely got creative with the setup of their trick shots. At times it looked like Aaron Rodgers was doubting his abilities. From the high powered pogo stick, trust shot to the tack ball balloon popper throw, we’re not going to lie… Rodgers delivered, and made it look easy. Then there’s Chris Paul who hit multiple baskets on a rotating hoop, a trick shot formally named ‘The Spin Cycle 360’ and even hit a half court shot with Dude Perfect crew member, Cody, straddling the back of the rim. If Paul was off even by a couple of inches during that half court shot, it could have left Cody castrated a top a basketball rim and in need of an ice pack. Those are just a couple trick shots the two performed, check out the entire video for more amazing displays of athleticism and precision.
Not only is the video cool to watch for future trick shots but we also learned some things about Paul and Rodgers that the general public may not have known. For example, Rodgers is a huge fan of Reese’s Peanut Buttercups, the king size ones of course. Or that Chris Paul was once an addict of oatmeal pies, don’t worry though, he’s been clean off the stuff for about 5 years now. Or probably the most interesting and best piece of advice from Paul, Paul refuses to stop at gas stations at night. We understand why, but who would ever guessed that Chris Paul was that cautious. Enjoy the trick shots and tell us which shot you think was the best in the video!


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