Soccer Player Gets Ejected, Kicks Opponent In Face

Charlie Blacks II December 24th 2015 Sports
Competition can make you do some crazy, absurd things. From the Ron Artest / Ben Wallace fight now known as ‘The Malice in the Palace’, to Ndamukong Suh stepping on Aaron Rodgers’ leg, to the most recent Odell Beckham Jr vs. Josh Norman football battle that turned violent - We understand that things can go terribly wrong in the heat of the moment but some things are just inexcusable. The safety and well being of athletes should be any and every league’s top priority but when emotions and boiling blood are intertwined, be it on the soccer field or basketball court no one should have to worry if their competition is out to physically harm them.
This disturbing piece of sports footage is brought to us by an amateur Turkish soccer game. The culprit, Turkish amateur soccer player, Mehmet Değirmenci, overreacted after he was given a red card and ejected from the game after a tackle landed the victim and his opponent, Kayhan Karakaş, on the ground. In retaliation of being ejected Değirmenci immediately turned around and kicked Karakaş’ head violently like he was attempting a mid-field goal. After the blow was delivered, Karakaş’ teammates instantly came to his defense and a scuffle between the two soccer clubs ensued. The team’s medical staff came to the aid of Karakaş as he laid there attempting to get his wits back. Karakaş was able to leave the field on his own two feet but not without the help of being held up by a team member and coach. Instead of Değirmenci just leaving the game, he caused a long delay before gameplay could be started again and left fans in utter disbelief as they watched from the stands.

Unfortunately, Karakaş’ injuries were more severe than he thought. After a tampon and ice treatment Karakaş attempted to return to the game. Not long after he re-entered the match he fell to the ground due to nausea and dizziness. He then was transferred to a nearby hospital but ended up having to wait for an ambulance to arrive to the location. Later, Karakaş told the press that he had blacked out after the blow to the head and he could have died. Karakaş has officially pressed charges against Değirmenci for attempted manslaughter. Değirmenci club, Sanayispor, tried to apologize publicly both to Karakaş and his team, on behalf of Değirmenci’s actions. The soccer team also announced that Değirmenci is no longer a part of the team after his disturbing act of violence against his opponent. Değirmenci also attempted to defend himself stating that Karakaş had previously insulted his mother while on the field.
We didn’t know that ‘yo momma’ jokes were alive and well in Turkey but apparently they are. Still an insult is no excuse to send your opponent to the emergency room. Welp, it looks like Değirmenci dreams of stepping his game up and becoming pro are shot down after this footage was released. Maybe, he’ll find another league to put up with him, but we doubt it. Instead of just leaving the field, Değirmenci ruined his soccer career and officially has a court case to fight. What a shame, we also hope Kayhan Karakaş is in good health and spirits these days.


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