Odell Beckham Jr. vs Josh Norman: Street Fighter Edition

Charlie Blacks II December 21st 2015 Sports
This past Sunday we got to witness the undefeated Carolina Panthers take on the New York Giants, who currently happens to be chasing a playoff spot in the most embarrassing division of the league, the NFC East. Ok, so the plot began with Eli attempting to take Cam Newton’s shine and perfect record away, as for some reason the Giants have the habit of beating the toughest teams around and losing to teams like the Redskins, no offense Washington fans… you guys might want to consider a name change in the future as well, but that’s another story. Anyway, things took a turn for the worst when the entire Carolina defense started to get under rising-star Odell Beckham Jr.’s skin, with Carolina cornerback Josh Norman mainly being Odell’s opposition. Things started off as competitively physical, to chippy, to a straight Bruce Lee film with pads on over the course of the game.

Ok, so we have a little intel on why things may have escalated to another level this past Sunday. Josh Norman commonly refers to himself as ‘Batman’, his teammates know that, the media knows of this, so it appears to be common knowledge. Last Monday, the Giants faced the Miami Dolphins in which they were victorious in a 31-24 dogfight in South Beach. During this game, Odell decided to wear some cleats with The Joker, Batman’s archenemy, imprinted on them. Norman didn’t take kindly to this and let it be known instantly as the two jarred back and forth during their team’s meeting this past Sunday.
The match-up started off with Norman getting the better of Beckham Jr. and at one point the wide receiver had more penalties than catches. After a slow start and a dropped catch that could have easily been a touchdown Beckham picked his play up and even scored a touchdown that resulted in him trying to walk over the elite cornerback ala Allen Iverson. Unfortunately it was too little, too late for the Giants to keep up with Carolina’s full head of steam as they lost 38-35. Also we can’t forget to note the several scuffles that took place. The bodyslam by Norman, the blatant hit in the 1st quarter that Odell delivered to Norman after easily beating him on his route, or the 3rd quarter helmet to helmet by Beckham that resulted in Norman swinging on half of the New York offense. The flags were flying and from the looks of things both teams were trying to calm down their respective but hostile superstars. Odell was flagged a total of three times to Norman’s one time penalty. From the looks of things, this appears to be a match-up that football fans will have to look forward to for the next decade.
In regards to the aftermath of the Mortal Kombat slash Wrestlemania match that was the Giants, Panthers game, where do we go from here? The clear helmet to helmet Odell was responsible for is obviously going to result in a hefty fine coming from NFL commissioner, Roger Goodell. But with Odell being fined for kicking and hitting other players in the past, we think this time around Odell is going to be suspended for his actions. We should also note the seriousness of the ordeal, as Norman had to undergo the league’s concussion protocol following the game. We understand how things get heated in the midst of competition, but the whole chin strap and hands to the face thing was a little ridiculous on Odell’s behalf too. The game interruptions and the sorting of players every other down, distracts viewers from actual gameplay and comes off as unprofessional. We’ll see very soon how the league deals with what looked like a UFC bantamweight brawl. Respect to both Norman and Beckham Jr., and honestly we would like to see the wide receiver, corner rematch come playoff time.


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