25 Celebrities Who Lost Too Much Weight & Are Scary Skinny

Charlie Blacks II December 14th 2015 Entertainment
In today's culture celebrities are praised for their good looks, however many are suffering and leading unhealthy lives just to maintain an unrealistic look. Some celebrities are slightly unhealthy in regards to their size. We're not talking about chunkiness, we're talking about skinniness. Here's a list of celebrities that might could use a sandwich and a milkshake. #25 will absolutely shatter your mind!

1. Victoria Beckham

Over the years, Posh Spice, or Victoria Beckham has received a lot of criticism about how skinny she is. After all she is a model, she spends a lot of time working out, and has noted that in the past she doesn't cook, but isn't opposed to the average diet. Victoria faced more criticism during this year's Fashion Week in New York, apparently the majority of her models were ridiculously thin. However for her 2010 collection, she wanted to celebrate curves and banded the size zero garments from her clothing line. She may look better with a couple of extra pounds on her, but at least she's healthy.

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