The 25 Most Dangerous Cities In America To Live In

Charlie Blacks II November 10th 2015 Lifestyle
America's seen some dark days and with social consciousness at an all time high we are transitioning into a new era in our country. With all the mass shootings, police brutality, and violent crimes being brought into the forefront of our society we are becoming aware of our country's mindset every day. Violence is a natural human reaction and there are worse places to be in the world rather than the 50 states we share. Regardless, this list is compiled of the 25 most dangerous cities in America (ranked by violent crimes per 100,000) that you might want to tread lightly in when visiting or thinking about residing in. Most of the residents in these cities are good people that probably need help or just a little guidance in order to succeed. Think about these communities not in a negative light, but as communities we need to support and find their problematic sources in order to move forward as a collective group.

25. Albuquerque, New Mexico

Violent Crimes: 882.8 per 100,000 people
Population: 558,874

Most people wouldn't think Albuquerque and automatically think "ooh stay away from there, it's too dangerous." With lower tax rates, consistent population growth, and a growing metropolitan area, a rapid spike in violent crimes has occurred. In 2014, a New York Times writer stated that Albuquerque was the "land of violence" after fleeing from the city. Albuquerque's violent crime rate is twice that of the national average. In 2013, over 20,000 thefts were reported, over 7,000 burglaries occurred, and close to 3,000 assaults were documented. There's a 1 in 16 chance that the average person can end up a victim of a violent or property crime, if you ask us… that's kind of high. After gathering so much attention from city officials and media outlets, the FBI stepped in to investigate the violent crime data being recorded. During their investigation they came to the conclusion that a lot of the data was misleading, which is probably why Albuquerque continues to be one of America's most dangerous cities.

24. Chicago, Illinois

Violent Crimes: 884.3 per 100,000 people
Population: 2,724,121

Recently Chicago has gained national attention for its murder, shooting, and violent crime rates. In 2014, a nation wide poll was taken, which stated that Americans thought that Chicago was America's most dangerous city. With Chicago being one of the most productive cities in the states, it is also one of the most segregated. Violent crimes are disproportionately higher in Chicago's south and west sides. Mass shootings are a common occurrence in Chicago and are just now getting the attention they so righteously deserve. With the lack of economic opportunity, many of Chicago's youth turn to gang culture in search of support. Also, public education has taken a huge hit in both of Chicago's south and west sides as institutions are slowly being shut down. Last year on July 4th, 60 people were wounded and 11 were murdered due to the gun violence that plagues the city. Unfortunately this isn't as rare as we would hope it to be, there is even a website dedicated to pinpointing the locations of shootings and murders as they occur in the county daily. Pray for change and resources that the city of Chicago can become one productive and cohesive unit.

23. Orlando, Florida

Violent Crimes: 901.1 per 100,000 people
Population: 259,675

We bet you guys didn't think that the home of Universal Studios and Disney World would make the list eh? Unfortunately it has and as a matter of fact Orlando is Florida's second most dangerous city. With a 1 in 13 chance of becoming a victim of a property or violent crime, you may want to keep your loved-ones close when traveling to the central Florida city. The Orlando police department claims that the stats are skewed by a local home security company that is supposedly trying to scare the general public into purchasing their product. Without the stats that include property crime, Orlando doesn't reflect itself as such a malicious city but Orlando has had its fair share of eyebrow-raising news. In the later part of 2014, several shootings occurred in the downtown area, one of which resulted in the death of a woman by police gunfire. Also the rape and assault of a woman in a parking garage had citizens on high alert in the city. Hopefully law officials are not taking things too lightly and can restore order within the city limits for better living environments for its citizens.

22. Cincinnati, Ohio

Violent Crimes: 905.4 per 100,000 people
Population: 297,671

Most of the time the midwest gets overlooked when it comes to violent crime because many people are focused on large, dense, major cities like Los Angeles, Miami or New York City. When we overshadow areas like Cincinnati, we are doing our country a disservice by ignoring the plight of the people that are forced to maintain their lives in hostile environments. Over the past couple of years, gang culture has ravaged and separated the city. The police have been doing their part by making gun seizures a focal point to decrease homicide and gang violence within the city. Even though there were more murders in 2013, 75, than the last year, 65, there hasn't been a real dive in violent crime overall. Majority of Cincinnati's crimes take place in predominantly black neighborhoods such as East Westwood, Downtown, South Fairmount, North Fairmount, and English Woods. With this being a national trend maybe we should collectively look at this together and search for solutions to help these neighborhoods.

21. New Orleans, Louisiana

Violent Crimes: 973.9 per 100,000 people
Population: 387,113

New Orleans has been a crime hub for a very long time, and even with the national disaster we all witnessed in Hurricane Katrina, the city still continues to be a problematic area for the safety of its citizens. Regardless of the historical richness, vast array of culture, and influence the city contains, you are still liable to end up a victim in the gulf bordering city. New Orleans is also plagued with gun violence. With resources and economic growth out of reach, many people use drug transactions and violence as a means to get by. Especially in 2005 since the hurricane occurred, the city has been abandoned by developers and city officials alike. In the first quarter of this year, New Orleans French Quarter took an intense violent crime surge that included multiple robberies and assaults of tourists and citizens of the city. With the robberies being so common, during this year's Mardi Gras, banners were hung all across the neighborhood that stated, "Caution. Walk in large groups. We love N.O.P.D. We just need more." If that's not a sign of a struggling city, we don't know what is. There's hope… slim chance of change for the city, but there is hope.

20. Houston, Texas

Violent Crimes: 991.4 per 100,000 people
Population: 2,219,933

With Houston being densely populated, you could see how the city could have ended up on this list. West Texas is where majority of violent crimes take place but then there's Houston… all to itself on hovering on the border of the Gulf of Mexico and Louisiana. The criminals of Houston appear to be huge fans of robbery, as Houston's robbery rate is nearly double of the other major Texas cities. Unfortunately due to the large amount of people in the area the stats make Houston stand out in comparison to its rivaling Texas cities. In 2013, an insane 21,000 people were victims of either assault, rape, or murder. It doesn't appear that the city is slowing down anytime soon either. In 2013, 213 murders were recorded, in 2014, 239 murders were committed. As this year comes to a close, let's just hope the citizens of Houston are safer than years past. With all the natural disasters and the series of floods this year, hopefully the faith in humanity was restored in the people and more people are trying to help each other than be violent with one another.

19. Minneapolis, Minnesota

Violent Crimes: 1,012.0 per 100,000 people
Population: 404,461

Here we are again with another city the average person wouldn't believe to be dangerous… but guess again. Most of the time when people think Minneapolis, they think cold weather and the Vikings, when in reality they should be hiding their precious belongings in their socks if they plan on visiting the city. You also might want to invest in a vehicle tracking technology as Minneapolis has one of the highest motor vehicle theft rates across the nation. Don't have the money? Go old school, and buy one of those steering wheel clubs. Property crime appears to be big business in the city, as a plethora of crimes including burglary, larceny, arson, and motor vehicle theft are highly reported crimes in the city. Who would have thought that you might have to keaster your own car keys when in Minneapolis? After ridding the nickname "Murderopolis" and the spike in gun violence that occurred in 2012, it appears to be on the rise again in 2015. After just six months of stats in 2015, gun violence is up nearly 50 percent in comparison to last year in 2014. From the outside looking in, it seems so peaceful, never judge a book by its cover.

18. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Violent Crimes: 1,021.4 per 100,000 people
Population: 1,559,062

Philadelphia was almost our nation's capitol at one point in time. With the amount of crime done in and outside of the White House I don't think it would make a difference if Philly or D.C. was our capital. One thing is evident Philadelphia is home to some rough neighborhoods and wherever impoverished people reside, crime resides as well. Philadelphia has a crime rate higher than 95 percent than the rest of the cities in Pennsylvania. You know it's bad when Philadelphia police commissioner says that he wants to reduce the number of homicides by 100 per year. Since August of this year alone 693 people have been wounded from gunfire and 161 murders are on file. The citizens of Philly fear for their safety in their communities and the public outcry has been evident. Unfortunately Philadelphia has been a city of violence for some time now and even holds the nickname "Killadelphia." This is sad and needs to stop…

17. Miami, Florida

Violent Crimes: 1,060.0 per 100,000 people
Population: 421,996

We think people forget about the potential dangers of Miami because of the tourism distractions set in place that the majority of people become fixated on. South Beach, the lights, the beautiful bodies, and the partying… People forget about all the violence that occurs in those neighborhoods daily. In a weird turn of events Miami Beach was named the "most livable and most dangerous city to live in." Stats from and helped crown the city of this rather confusing title. In 2013, a total of 4,945 violent crimes occurred, which included 2,216 robberies, 2,562 assaults, and 71 murders. Over the past couple of years these numbers have been sustained and don't appear to be falling anytime soon. According to there's a 1 in 9 chance for the average citizen to become a victim to a violent crime in the city. Some say the stat is skewed due to the high amount of tourist that are constantly visiting the city. Supposedly, common hotel thievery to vandalism is included in the website's stats and police officials claim that the stats taint the city's name. Regardless… we're not getting Scarface'd in someone's bathtub in Miami. Stick to the buddy system folks.

16. Newark, New Jersey

Violent Crimes: 1,077.7
Population: 279,110

Usually when people from New York make it big, they move to the suburbs of New Jersey to escape their rough past lives. Little did the general public that in the same state of New Jersey, a miniature, gang-infested version of New York thrived in a city called Newark. Newark's socio-economic problems began during violent riots that erupted in 1967. Ever since then, the city has been in turmoil from suburbia's flight to political corruption, Newark has been plagued with crime and violence ever since. In 2008, Mayor Sharpe James was arrested for fraud and sent to federal prison. Current Mayor Ras Baraka has been trying to restore the city and his efforts haven't gone unnoticed. In early June of this year, Newark recorded 34 murders in comparison to the 38 of 2014 for close to the first half of the year. Unfortunately in 2013, 112 murders were reported, the city's highest since 1990. The 2013 statistic also made Newark the nation's third highest murder rate of the year. We should rally around Ras Baraka and his efforts to restore the city, he's not one to hide behind his office door either. He is constantly interviewed and in the streets of his city and is not hard to get in contact with.

15. Toledo, Ohio

Violent Crimes: 1,091.2 per 100,000 people
Population: 281,150

Another looked over city in the country makes it to the list… Toledo, Ohio, close neighbor to the city of Cleveland. The national average of crimes per square mile is an average of 40 miles, in Toledo it stands at a whopping 231 crimes per square mile. The chances of becoming a victim of property crime is 1 in 17. From drug dealing to being stuck up for your belongings, Toledo moves quickly when it comes to crime. The cross streets of Western Ave and Curtis St. were named the most likely area for criminal activity in 2013. As of August of this year, the city has been the home of 12 homicides and shows no signs of slowly down as shootings occur frequently. There's not a lot of righteous choices you can make in cities like Toledo. Jobs aren't bountiful and economic growth doesn't appear to be striking that part of the country as rapidly as both of the coast have witnessed. This is a clear reminder we need to not leave our midwest brothers and sisters behind.

14. Nashville, Tennessee

Violent Crimes: 1,122.5 per 100,000 people
Population: 647,689

Nashville aka Music City aka the Country Music Capital of the World, unfortunately has made it to the list as well. Last year 41 people were murdered within the county limits, much lower than the 61 that were murdered in 2012. Sadly, it looks like they will be surpassing last year's statistic. In late August of this year, they were at a total of 40 homicides already. The violence in the city has a lot of people on edge and very cautious when traveling alone. Many authority figures advise tourist and the general public to stay away from the downtown area at night unless you are with a group of people. Sheesh, it's kind of crazy when law enforcement suggest you not travel alone in what should be the busiest and most densely populated part of town. Nashville's good for the music and the food… the living environment not so much apparently.

13. Washington, D.C.

Violent Crimes: 1,185.3 per 100,000 people
Population: 658,893

That's right… our nation's capital is one of the most dangerous cities in America. Who would have guessed it? The home of the leader of the free world is a crime and drug infested haven for heathens. The same environment politicians preach about fixing, lives in the White House's own backyard. Even with crime-riddled neighborhoods being targeted for growth and revitalization shootings incidents are running rampant in our nation's capital. Up to August of this year, there has been 93 homicides accounted for, in comparison to the 72 that were recorded around the same time last year. Residents are constantly complaining about the gunfire from rivaling neighborhood gangs and it looks like there isn't an end in sight for the time being. The police have been trying to get more officers on foot and bike patrol but complain of a shrinking police force in the district. It's funny, our politicians focus on foreign policy and issues overseas but don't show community support to the very city that the White House was built in.

12. Atlanta, Georgia

Violent Crimes: 1,227.4 per 100,000 people
Population: 454,363

Atlanta is definitely one of America's more interesting cities. It definitely shows promise if you wish to a start a business or enter the entertainment industry, it also houses some of the country's best strip clubs… but who cares about that. Atlanta made the list because of the insane amount of crime that takes place in the city. With the city being a big time drug trafficking hub, connecting several southern states to multiple drug suppliers, violent crimes go hand in hand. The majority of Atlanta's violent crimes heavily involve aggravated assault and robberies, usually used with the force of a deadly weapon. A spike in the city's murder rate has also got the general public nervous. July 11th of this year 52 homicides were recorded, in comparison to last year 42 murders were recorded around the same time. That's a pretty big jump from last year's stats and that was only seven months into the year. With so many lucrative industries in Atlanta, the promotion of legal lucrative income should become a topic for city to promote to help those who are considering joining a life of crime.

11. Buffalo, New York

Violent Crimes: 1,228.2 per 100,000 people
Population: 258,419

You would think that the Bronx or that Brooklyn would have been New York's most dangerous city… but no, it's the place known for chicken wings. Approximately 30 percent of Buffalo's population lives below the poverty level, causing the mass amounts of violent crimes in the city. With that amount of people struggling to survive, of course the city is going to to see its fair share of robberies, burglaries, and muggings. When resources and opportunity is slim, people do what they got to do but this is no excuse for the violence that does take place. Fortunately Buffalo has seen a decline in homicides the first half of this year. After six months only 14 homicidal deaths have been recorded this year. An improvement from last year's 21, 2013's 18, and 2012's 20. Even with the low numbers being a high point, police officials are still on edge as Buffalo usually has a hard time maintaining low numbers to close the year out. 2014 added an additional 41 bodies bringing up the total to 62 for the year. Let's rally around Buffalo and promote peace and economic opportunity any way we can for the city.

10. Kansas City, Missouri

Violent Crimes: 1,251.4 per 100,000 people
Population: 468,417

Missouri looks to have a little bit of an issue on its hands, being that two of their major cities actually cracked the top ten of this list. The national average of violent crimes is nearly one-third of Kansas City's violent crime rate. That should be a huge red flag right there, not to mention that in 2013 the city experienced 3,726 assaults, 1,662 robberies, and 99 murders. These stats are horrifying, and we didn't even mention the 377 rapes recorded by law enforcement. When your city averages about two homicides a week it's time to step it up in regards to police action. Even though violent crimes have somewhat dropped from years passed, Kansas City is still no joke. With about 20 gun battles occurring on the highway last year, you read that right, on the highway… and a Neo-Nazi led triple murder, Kansas City is looking a lot like Mad Max. There's nothing comical about the city's condition but we do hope that law enforcement will be able to lower these numbers effectively like they've trying to do for so long now.

9. Indianapolis, Indiana

Violent Crimes: 1,254.7 per 100,000 people
Population: 858,238

Usually when we think of Indiana and a large volume of crime, Gary, Indiana is the first place that comes to mind. Gary is also the birthplace of the late Michael Jackson. His childhood home brought so many tourists to town that they had to remove the address numbers because outsiders would end up being robbed or assaulted by the locals. Anyway, forget about Gary, Indianapolis made the list for a reason. Gun violence has been on the rise in Indianapolis, there has been a reported 326 reported incidents of non-fatal shootings in the first 10 months of this year. That's a ridiculous amount, and a 20 percent increase from last year. Data also shows that 80 percent of the suspects and victims have a criminal record, accounting for 478 felony arrests. We're not done yet… As of September 30th of this year, 101 homicides have been recorded in the city. That's just unacceptable. The community is tired of all the deaths. Spiritual leaders and elected officials are constantly meeting but one important group is missing from this meeting… the youth. The city needs to find a way to connect with the youth so that the violence can come to end.

8. Stockton, California

Violent Crimes: 1,331.5 per 100,000 people
Population: 299,519

Stockton, definitely isn't one of the first cities that comes to mind when you think of California. There's a reason why, Stockton filed the largest municipal bankruptcy in history on June of 2012, Detroit went on to beat them out the next year. The city's unemployment rate hovers around 18 percent which is nearly double the national average. With the city making cuts everywhere the police department took some of the largest cuts and their number of officers were decreased significantly. With no officers to patrol the streets and no income to spare in the households, we now have a recipe for disaster. Drug and violent crimes are at an intense amount in the California neighborhood. On August 5th of this year, 3 homicides were recorded in just under a 24-hour span, the majority of which were related to gang activity. Fortunately after a massive amount of budget cuts, last year the police department began to stabilize and they were able to add more people to the force. Operation Ceasefire is also a focal point for the Stockton Police Department to get disenfranchised youth to veer away from gangs and violence. Let's hope Stockton can get their resources back and begin to get things on track economically and community wise.

7. Cleveland, Ohio

Violent Crimes: 1,334.3 per 100,000 people
Population: 388,655

Another city in economic turmoil that ranks high in the list is Cleveland, Ohio. Once again it's kind of hard to avoid violent crime when the people of the city are struggling to get by. When opportunity is slim, people make an opportunity by any means necessary. When crime becomes a way of life, it can be detrimental for the psyche and harmful to the progression of the person's life in so many ways. As of September 7th of this year, an unfortunate 97 people have been murdered in Cleveland. At that time last year, the city was below 70 murders. Cleveland is also prime real estate when it comes to various drug routes, which also factors into the amount of violent crime the city has to witness day in and day out. Closed properties become hotspots for burglars in order to strip the property of all its precious metals, in order to be scrapped and recycled for funds. You know it's bad when abandoned and boarded up property is even at risk of being taken advantage of. Hopefully Cleveland can start producing more jobs in the near future.

6. Baltimore, Maryland

Violent Crimes: 1,338.5 per 100,000 people
Population: 623,513

Baltimore is definitely a frustrated community. With poverty, drugs, and crime running rampant within the city limits a lot of the citizens are lacking hope. Not to mention the death of Freddie Gray, which sent the city into straight chaos and mass rioting. Just this past Memorial Day weekend 29 people were shot and 9 died. Just in the month of July alone 45 homicides were recorded, the most in 43 years. After just 7 months this year an insane 189 homicides are on record for the city. Non-fatal shootings are at a whopping 366 so far for the year, far more than the 200 recorded at the end of July last year. And after just one more month, the total number of homicides jumped to 215 for this year. Obviously this city needs help. Some city officials they fear prosecution after the death of Freddie Gray. We think that's a bulls*** reason to not police and protect the people of the city the police force supposedly serves. There's an obvious disconnect between the civilians and law enforcement and it needs to be fixed quick.

5. Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Violent Crimes: 1,476.4 per 100,000 people
Population: 600,374

Nobody really thinks of Milwaukee and automatically assumes it to be a dangerous place to visit or reside in… guess again, because it is. Milwaukee city leaders are really putting their best foot forward when it regards to the high amount of crime in the city. As of late July 2015, 1,300 firearms have been seized from citizens who are not supposed to have them. That's the highest amount recorded since 2007. Also Wisconsin does have a concealed carry law that allows registered citizens to carry firearms openly. Law officials say the punishment for gun possession isn't strict enough and hoping for change in the near future. Unfortunately with all of those guns seized, it still hasn't stopped the homicide rate from being in the hundreds. As of late August of this year a total of 103 homicides occurred, beating out 2014's total number for the entire year of 86. With majority of the violent crime happening in poverty-stricken neighborhoods, maybe they should administer a ceasefire program for the community and provide resources for the youth to deter them from such activity.

4. St. Louis, Missouri

Violent Crimes: 1,678.7 per 100,000 people
Population: 318,574

Another suffering Missouri city due to violent crimes is St. Louis. St. Louis' neighboring city has also been in the headlines due to police brutality, the city of Ferguson, which has seen an uprising from the community and created a divide with its citizens and city leaders. With all of the tension in Ferguson, there has been some spillover into the metropolitan city of St. Louis. With an unstable economy in St. Louis, a lot of the civilians are moving to two other major cities that have made this list, Chicago and Indianapolis. St. Louis' labor force is still 2.5 percent less than what it was even before the impact of the recession. With the lack of employment and the hostile times Missouri is in the midst of, a flurry of violent crimes have been plaguing the streets of St. Louis. The first nine months of this year a total of 153 homicides have been reported. This is up from last year when a total of 101 homicides were recorded after nine months. All those bodies, without mentioning the stats of assaults, robberies, and burglaries may have you second guessing living in the Show Me State. The governor, Jay Nixon, has a lot on his plate, from the police violence, to the civilian violence, to the economy to deal with, in order to restore order in Missouri. Let's show the guy some support in any way we possibly can.

3. Oakland, California

Violent Crimes: 1,685.4 per 100,000 people
Population: 409,994

If you've ever been to the bay area and visited San Francisco and crossed the San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge, you instantly feel the aura change. The birds stop chirping, the clouds come rolling in, and instead of smiles you see piercing eyes staring at you from all angles… Ok, maybe not literally but Oakland does have a crime problem and it's been this way for quite some time now. The city peaked in robberies in 2013 at a crazy, 4,838, which is about 13 a day. This particular crime stat dropped by almost a third in the past year. Supposedly 50 gangs or so, switched up the way they make money from drugs to robberies. This is all in part of the lack of the city's economic empowerment of impoverished neighborhoods. Homicides have been down though due to a ceasefire program led by city officials. As of late October of this year, there has only been 74 murders this year in the city. 74 is still too many but still the city is seeing progress. With that being said, the economy and job programs should be placed as a focal point for the city and maybe Oakland can disappear from being considered one of America's most dangerous cities.

2. Memphis, Tennessee

Violent Crimes: 1,740.5 per 100,000 people
Population: 654,922

This makes us sad… how could a place with such top-notch barbeque be so riddled with crime? According to the police force, they claim that a lot of their criminal statistics are skewed and over-reported even though Memphis has always had a rather hefty criminal history over the years. The majority of Memphis' crime rate, like majority of the cities on this list, is due to the poverty rate which is just under 28 percent at the moment. With 75 homicides year-to-date this July, it looks like the city is on pace to beat 2013's stat of 124 for the entire year. 2013 was an intense year for Memphis as more than 40,000 property crimes were committed, 366 arson cases were opened, and 7,200 aggravated assaults were reported. Memphis sounds like it could be an action scene in the movie The Purge. Regardless, we should support the impoverished neighborhoods of Memphis and get them on the right track.

1. Detroit, Michigan

Violent Crimes: 1,988.6 per 100,000 people
Population: 684,694

Detroit once was the backbone of an American made product: cars. A blue-collar city that was recognized for its productivity and hard-working middle class has crashed and burned in more recent years. After filing for bankruptcy in 2013, the city has been trying to reestablish a culture of productivity and slowly but surely the results are getting better. Even with a 2.5 decrease in violent crime, the city still tops the list as America's most dangerous city. After only seven months this year, a reported 173 people were murdered in Detroit. In 2012 the city had a total of 411 homicides for the year. Detroit has been a haven for violent crime for far too long now and needs a permanent solution. With the city now bouncing back and James E. Craig being appointed as Chief of Police, the city has seen a decline in all major violent crimes. Regardless of the decrease in crime, it is still very possible to end up a victim of assault, armed robbery, or burglary. With real estate being super cheap, Detroit is becoming a place for entrepreneurs to build a thriving business. We too, should show our support and rally around Detroit and change the reputation of the city.


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