20 Things You Should Know How To Do In Your Life

Cheryl Brite June 18th 2015 Lifestyle
Growing up is never easy, but there are some basic things you should know how to do. You want to be prepared in life, and you'll feel much better about it when you know the basics. It's a big world out there, and you need to know how to live in it successfully. When you learn the basics, the world doesn't seem like such a scary place.

#1. Start Fire Without Matches

You won't always have matches with you, and you need to learn how to start a fire just in case you're lost in the woods. Light, warmth, and energy are what a fire provides you when you're trying to survive. So find two sticks and start a fire. Learn this survival trick and you'll feel like you're more than capable of taking care of yourself.

#2. Basic Survival Skills

Shelter, fire, food are just some of the skills you need to know when you're out in the world. Your survival could depend on knowing these skills someday, so it wouldn't hurt for you to learn how to make shelter, build a fire, and find food in the wild. Get a survival guide to learn more about surviving in the outdoors. You will feel like you can face anything when you know how to exist in the world.

#3. How To Swim

You need to know how to do this. There is no question about it. If you need to save someone from drowning or any other situation that requires swimming, you'll know you can as move your arms and legs in the water to a safer place. If you don't know how to swim, you need to get swimming lessons. Don't go without learning this useful, life saving skill.

#4. Change A Tire

If there's no one with you who knows how to change a tire, then you'll be waiting a while for help to come your way. You don't want to be stranded on the side of the road with no car repair place for miles. It's easy to learn how to change a tire. You'll feel better that you know how to do this handy skill.

#5. Build A Website

If you have a business, then it is essential for you to have a website to promote it. It is even better if you know how to build your own website instead of paying someone to set it up for you. Having your own website that you created not only benefits your business, you also make some income on the side besides having your full time job. Success will only come your way if you know how to create a well put together website.

#6. Cook An Egg

You want to know how to cook eggs correctly because they taste so good. They're also good for you. You love eggs and if you cook them wrong, your chances of getting salmonella is high. Don't pass this delectable breakfast food up so learn how to make eggs whether it's from friends, family, or a chef.

#7. CPR

You could save a lot of lives when you learn CPR. You would feel guilty if you couldn't help someone breathe properly, especially if it's your loved one who is having trouble breathing. Don't waste another minute, go get certified. Don't let someone die at your hands.

#8. Dress Properly

You need to know how to dress properly for certain situations. It would be inappropriate to wear short shorts and a tank top to a job interview for a law firm. A suit is the proper outfit to wear. It just requires some common sense on your part. Think about what outfit in your closet goes with what you'll be doing for the day.

#9. Approach And Meet New People

Being social is essential in the world. You need to know how to approach and meet new people in order to be successful in life. It could lead to new friendships as well as exciting job opportunities. It's not an easy thing for introverts to do but in the long run it will help you to come out of your shell.

#10. Lift Own Weight

To save your own life while hanging on a cliff, you need to know how to lift yourself up to safety. By knowing this skill, you don't have to rely on others to help you. You know how to help yourself in situations like this. The gym is a great place to train your body to save your own life one day.

#11. Detect A Lie

You will know if you're being fooled or scammed by people who want something from you. This skill will come in handy when raising kids or even with your job. When you know someone is lying to you, you want to know. You want to know how to protect yourself from getting hurt.

#12. How To Listen

This skill is great in any relationship. You miss words in a conversation if you're only focused on what you're going to say next. Listening is the best thing you can do in any situation that requires it. You can respond effectively and know you and whoever you're talking to are on the same page.

#13. Defend Yourself

It's absolutely important that you know hot to take care of yourself when someone attacks you. You become more self aware and prepared to take on assailants when you know how to defend yourself. You will also be able to avoid a fight much better if you know self defense. Save your life and kick some butt in order to survive.

#14. Use A Credit Card

Now what your credit card is for. It's not cash and if you use it like it is, you'll be in some real financial trouble. You owe all that money back so if you spend more than it's worth, you could go into some serious debt. What you spend is supposed to be paid back in full monthly. Learn about what your credit card does for you.

#15. Now How To Speak Other Languages Besides English

A lot of the world doesn't speak English. Learn a new language and expand your horizons. You never know when knowing a new language will come in handy. This is your opportunity to communicate with other cultures.

#16. Make Money Without A Job

Bringing home a paycheck from your job isn't the only way to earn money. Furthering your educations is a great way to to ensure success as well as building up your entrepreneurial skills. Doing online surveys won't hurt either. It's a good way to make some money.

#17. Personal Finances

You need to know how to manage your own money. Think about what needs to take priority. Before the bills can be paid, you need to know how to set up a budget and save money. In the long run you will benefit greatly because maybe now you can take that vacation you always wanted.

#18. How To Draw

Drawing makes you use the creative side of your brain. It's a developmental skill that will improve your leadership, create empathy, and will make you see the big picture in life. Anyway you can better yourself as a person is a great skill to have. Drawing will also help you in a real life situation like identifying someone who attacked you to detectives.

#19. Buy A Car Without Being Ripped Off

Sure you can bring your husband with you and hope they are able to figure out if the car salesmen is only trying to get your money but there's another option. You learn how to tell if you're being ripped off or not. There won't always be someone around to help you, so you need to make sure you go to the car dealership with a set plan. Don't budge from what you want.

#20. How To Be Happy

The most important thing is to be happy in your life. Don't settle for just being ok. Do whatever it takes to be happy. You only have one life to live so look inside yourself, find out what makes you happy, and go after it. You know you're really happy if you're happy despite the circumstances you're in.


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